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On the income side, non-cash benefits such as subsidised housing and food stamps, are ignored.
But in low income areas, families simply don't have the money.
Investments and real estate income also account for a sizable portion of revenue.
Income inequality will always grow as long as those with more money can invest it to allow that money to grow faster.
Some of the income differences probably stem from culture.
There is evidence, at both an individual and a country level, of a relationship between income and happiness.
It's that time of year, again, the deadline for filing your federal and state income tax returns.
Financial plans are offered to help our employees with their income replacement needs when they retire.
Many would probably choose to build out a store, or some income generating space.
The pickings are slim for investors seeking income in the usual places.
The global distribution of income is becoming ever more unequal.
Farmers can exhaust up to one-fifth of their annual income attempting to control damage by these pests.
Because impoverished households must use all of their income to survive, they cannot generate financial savings.
Tourism is a big source of revenue to the government, and it also gives an income to the local people.
Americans are mistaken about income inequality because of national self-confidence and the lottery effect.
Then the tax will be an effective revenue raiser, much more efficient than a tax on income.
People of different income levels mingle and may come to better understand each other.
We were a good strong middle income family with adequate nutrition and health care.
Nor are professional photographers who earn more than half of their income taking pictures.
These include breaks on mortgage interest, state income and property taxes and charitable gifts.
Not only crops, but also family income and nutrition are at the mercy of rain clouds.
While that will make food more affordable, much more importantly it will also reduce the income of poor farmers.
Yes, high-income people pay the bulk of the federal income tax.
Many of the declines were primarily because of reductions in income tax.
Income from citizens now working abroad augments the economy.
The only advantage in eating frog legs is in the improvement of the income of the people hunting or breeding frogs.
But the unexpected discovery of the hadrosaur mummy had the promise of a little extra income.
With such rates income levels will absolutely equal except of course for those in government where the income will be higher.
She is unable to work and sure could use the income.
The proposal also includes an income tax cut for households.
On a materialistic side this can attract tourist and generate income too.
Unemployment plagues the economy, even as the nation enjoys the continent's highest per capita income.
If you fall below income level you don't have anything to give anybody.
But there are many organizations which run for noble purpose of treatment of low income drug addicts.
Here's a generic example of correlation: a reduction in obesity rates is tied to income and education levels.
Obsessed sci-fi fans with disposable income and a lust for metallic action figures of their own design can rest easy.
About a third of test-takers did not report their family income.
Getting people back to work takes priority over relieving any temporary drop in income.
One of them is the widening gap in income inequality.
Having multiple streams of income offers its own kind of financial security.
Average income compared with number of people living below the poverty line.
Income disparities seem to follow no automatic pattern.
But income is a poor indicator of socioeconomic status.
The investment seeks to provide investors with a high current yield exempt from federal income taxes.
Tourism is the reservation's biggest source of income.
Winner is responsible for all federal, state and local income taxes, if applicable.
The investment seeks to maximize income while maintaining prospects for capital appreciation.
The payment of physician income has been the subject of a lively debate for centuries.
If you measure inequality of wealth rather than income, the global pecking order changes.
But demand for health care is income-elastic: as people get richer they spend proportionately more on it.
Capital income is more elastic than labour income, particularly in an era of globalisation.
Adding a local component to income tax would give citizens a bigger stake in municipal governance.
Age, occupation, income and social status quickly dissolve in the woods.
The life of a fossil hunter was not an easy one and much of their income came from selling the fossils they found.
Mixed-income residential towers and adjoining parkland rise on land formerly occupied by railroad yards.
Previous studies have linked regional income and education levels to well-being.
Income from copper and potash supplements earnings from crude oil and natural gas.
Maps can be produced that relate such information as average income, book sales, and voting patterns.
Most of the region's income is generated through strictly regulated fishing-and outside commercial fishing fleets are banned.
He knew the exact figure of the small income which her husband had allowed her at their separation.
And let everyone contribute one one-hundredth percent of their income tax.
He carefully computed and piously distributed the income of his revenues at four terms in the year.
Instead, there is a minimum threshold income at which student-loan repayment is expected to commence.
Quickly approaching action on budget proposals in the nation's capital means this is a critical time for low-income students.
The situation is especially acute among minorities and low-income students.
Colleges' student populations vary widely by family income as well as by race.
But that's not the way it happens for low-income students-if it happens at all.
Still, you need some disposable income, or you must be so indispensable to your employers that they will pay for it.
Most importantly, it provides a market income to farmers.
Students from low-income families are finding ways to go online and engage in social networking.
It lists personal income tax rates for various countries.
Above all, it would not be deciding what share of national income the government should spend.
One in two think federal income taxes have gone up in the past two years.
Looking at average after-tax income as a percentage is probably the fairest way to judge a tax plan's effect on households.
Income also includes such things as food and shelter.
Frequently asked questions re: corporate income tax.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness.
Surprisingly, the report found income is not always the best indicator of opportunity.
In fact, you don't even have to report the income on your tax return.
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