IDIOMS in a sentence

Example sentences for IDIOMS

Focus students' attention to a pre-chosen article with plenty of sports metaphors and idioms.
There are tons of idioms in different languages that reflect this folk wisdom.
Sadly, idioms don't always accord with logical argumentation.
If you're looking for ardor and surprise idioms from a board, look no longer.
Pop needs popularizers, the musicians who pull lesser-known idioms into the mainstream.
It has idioms and expressions that must simply be learned and is developing some irregularities as well.
Juxtaposition of widely divergent musical styles and idioms is nothing new.
The music he wrote in retirement conforms to idioms he declared outmoded in his heyday.
Read through these ads carefully with students, making sure they understand any vocabulary, idioms or expressions.
To set aside, from time to time, its natural idioms.
Today each of these national groups is proud to have its own idioms, and dictionaries to define them.
Both idioms reduce what they're describing from nouns to concepts.
The idioms of duty and utility are strangely mixed in that sentence.
Hence, these sacred sources use metaphors and other concrete idioms that untutored and simple-minded believers take literally.
The hodgepodge of design idioms should have been unsettling to the eye, but somehow it all came together to form a pleasing whole.
All children demonstrated learning and an ability to understand the learned idioms when presented in unfamiliar contexts.
One can group and teach idioms according to their accessibility to a particular type of student.
Idioms should be translated appropriately to convey their meaning, not literally.
The student will explain examples of figurative language found on a website featuring idioms from a poem.
Idioms of distress often reflect values and themes found in the societies in which they originate.
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