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The control group did a more conventional cognitive learning program that entailed viewing educational videos on art and history.
The history of this friendly place dates back to the late 1800s.
In all history, humans found just one remedy against error - criticism.
People will have to rewrite history now.
The opening chapters deal with a part of history wholly neglected in Russia.
Shannon's story is only one of many in this sprawling history of information.
This is not science, it's history.
Back in 1952 he performed what has become an iconic experiment in the history of science.
Mining of course has also been a key element of local history.
Little did he realize he was making cinematic history.
As students may already know, geographical factors have impacted the course of history in many ways.
Archaeologists are scientists that study objects from the past to understand human history.
For anyone interested in history as it's rarely told.
Few history departments went unscathed when it came to hiring in this year's sluggish economy.
Discovery of long-lost poems saves an ancient author from history's remainder table.
How a history professor became the pioneer of the for-profit revolution.
It is difficult to consider debt as having a history, because it seems as if it has existed forever.
There are those who see modern history as an enthralling tale of progress, and those who view it as one long nightmare.
Art-history scholars face narrowing publishing venues and rising permissions costs.
The result is more a compendium than a unified history.
Borrow binoculars from the visitor center, which also offers exhibits about the site's ranching history.
Displays of treasured and found items give guests a glimpse into your life and remind you of your history.
The article traces the history of bugs being quite a normal part of cuisines around the world.
Exploring evolution through genes, computers and history.
Demographically and economically, our era is unique in human history.
At the dawn of human history, long migrations were not for weaklings.
It's a sad fact of life that the history of war is inherent in humanity itself.
Behind the debates over future policy is a debate over history-a debate over the causes of our current situation.
It plays fast and loose with history-almost comically.
Human history is full of blood, and it has not only been spilled on battlefields and in dark alleys.
But they can only be made if the full history of these relationships is made known rather than kept hidden.
It is a sort of masterpiece-an adventure in cultural history.
The natural thing for students everywhere is to learn their nation's history from their countrymen.
Even the food stalls provide an insight into the city's history.
But you didn't come here for a colonial history lesson, you came here for something to eat.
History has come full circle, moved by people on the move.
Search engines could soon make better use of your search history to fine-tune the results you see.
Such insight will allow scientists to deduce the moon's interior structure, composition, and its history.
Medical records hold all kinds of information about patients, from age and gender to family medical history and current diagnoses.
Americans today may be more concerned with living longer than at any point in their history.
It is now in clinical trials to gauge the immune response it elicits in patients with a history of advanced adenomas.
Even a cursory glance at the history of communications technology shows a recurring pattern.
We have a pretty good history of knowing the effects of extraction.
When a sick stomach won't go away, a good patient history can help.
The history of medicine is, unfortunately, rather similar to the history of astrology.
Seriously, sometimes history matches fiction a lot more than we'd have expected, or wished.
It's often been said that history is written by the victors.

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