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Tilley credits heredity for her remarkable hands.
The prince is next in line to the throne by virtue of heredity.
He also explained his data by postulating his two laws of heredity:
Discussions about genetics and heredity can be a bit impenetrable to the nonscientist, but these constitute only part of the book.
The actual cholesterol levels are determined by a number of factors, including heredity, diet and exercise.
The book's strongest parts are on genetics and heredity in the Jewish community.
What's been debated endlessly is how much is tied to heredity and how much to environment.
He is known as the originator of the germ-plasm theory of heredity.
First, Darwin had no knowledge of the mechanism of heredity.
The basic unit of heredity is the gene.
Memes are to cultural inheritance what genes are to biological heredity.
In practical terms, whether or not a melanoma is immunogenic depends on heredity.
Absolutely no doubt environment plays a role, but so does heredity.
Heredity and environment develop the personality and character as well as the physical being.
The mystery of this kind of heredity was first noticed in corn.
The unit of selection is a gene, the basic element of heredity.
For thousands of years, breeders tried to find patterns in heredity, with no success.
Once scientists began to decipher the molecules of heredity, such an explanation became obsolete.
Biologists know far more about the heredity of the fruit fly, in fact, than they do about canine genetics.
Mental abilities and natural talents are also affected by heredity, as is the susceptibility to acquire certain diseases.
When you do any work in this area, the question of heredity versus environment comes up.

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