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The molecules of her arm blended with the molecules in the wall.
Two years later she had received her degree in physics and the following year received her mathematics degree.
She is unlikely to gather enough signatures, despite her persuasive ways.
Her repeated efforts to obtain employment in one of the laboratories seemed to avail her nothing.
Her inventory runs from flea-market finds and charming toys to elegant handbags.
But then he grabbed her and handcuffed her hands behind her back.
Her children and many of her grandchildren were able to say goodbye.
She leans casually on her spinning frame, staring out at the camera, dressed in a filthy work smock.
She hopes it might help her get into art school and earn her some commissions.
She kept her faculties to the end and could say goodbye to us.
Great trucks thundered past, showering her with grit, and a fierce wind got up that made her stagger.
They told her it was from dental x-rays, but she knew she had never had one.
She is currently having difficulty with her meds, but hopes to find one that works soon.
Inside it, a turtle rips at the shell with a sharp point on her beak.
Needless to say, many fabled stories of her life are partly fiction.
Finally, it is good for maintaining the physicians godlike image in the eyes of his or her patients.
Her stands have sometimes brought hostile reactions.
Callers to her home must get past a screening service.
Her eggs fall into the deeper chamber, up to four at a time.
Her airplanes are flying and her engines are turning.
But she is also a fascinating figure in her own right.
To figure out what your customer wants, look at her texts for a week.
Her work has frequently tested the boundaries between architecture and art-a tension that she cultivates.
Instead of cooking for mom, plan a day of cooking an amazing meal with her.
Listening to it and performing it was a big part of her life.
Schick questioned his nurse why she would not put the flowers in water, she explained that she had her period.
It's also timely: see her post about the tomato-ripening struggles we've all had this year.
The doctors placed her into a brain scanner, and asked her to scratch her cheek with her phantom limb.
Her pots go together quickly, and they look great from the moment they're planted.
For centuries her skill in devices of one sort and another has been known and accepted.
Ginger had to make a shaky craft of her paycheck to bear me across the sea.
Her bouquet was of trailing bridal wreath and white lilacs.
Her bones were changed into rocks and there was nothing left of her but her voice.
Her conception was itself a glorious mystery, a great grace, and the first effect of her predestination.
Her work, in fact, was as chaotic and confused as it was luxurious and improvident.
Her dream wavered and it seemed to her that he took a hundred different shapes in it.
Her wedding dress had to be refit twice because she'd lost so much weight.
Her motivations are really not about power, money, or even glory.
We had met with her several times to plan the party.
Take her to the store and let her pick our her panties.
Let her settle in, make some choices about her life, and work together with the family.
Tell her flat out that the fact she isn't willing, as a new instructor, to even consider her methods to be flawed is a problem.
Her village is a six-hour drive and three-hour hike across a border that swallows lives.
He thinks her ditched plane quickly filled with water and sank.
Her goals have always been to understand and preserve the chimpanzees.
By her late teens, she was already a veteran performer, taking the stage alone with her guitar.
As soon as she could walk, her parents slipped her into a homemade wet suit and tossed her into the surf.
Her lifestyle should have killed her, but she survived.
Her book club has breathed new life into publishing.
There's been a resurgence of public interest in this forgotten star ever since her wartime patents came to light.
She cleaned her house thoroughly several times a day.
But her excitement gave way to anxiety during the first days and weeks at her new school.
Strangely, her fainting episodes coincided with eating sandwiches and drinking fizzy beverages.
As soon as her instructor's dissecting knife cuts into the cadaver's skin, a medical student swoons, falling to the floor.
Fourteen tiny motors in her limbs begin to hum as her shins lift up from her feet.
She stretches her legs and rises to an upright position.
As you say, she was so prolific and her works garnered a lot of attention.
Her sculptures have drawn crowds to gallery shows, and she is in demand as a lecturer.
It seems to me almost impossible to discuss her work detachedly.
Her position in the primaries may be even more promising than he puts it.
When her youthful idealism kicked in, its strength and durability more than made up for its delayed onset.
Her other relatives were acquainted with the same story.
Her non-fiction has always considered grand matters from a personal perspective, without making herself the centre of the story.
She ate so little that to her, everything tasted magnificent.
Fauna, we're sorry to say, seems to have lost her queen.
Her usual mask of tough optimism seemed to be deserting her.
Her eyelids prickled and her nose wept, but at the same time her mouth went dry.
She was shot at point blank range, according to news reports, along with members of her staff.
The author is considering revisiting the world of her blockbuster series.
Her own story was that she kept moving, so that folks could n't see how ugly she was.
Her marriage, which had been arranged, did not survive her personal development.
Her own business education didn't begin in earnest until she got to grad school.
Her weight makes it difficult for her to breath, and she sucks in air in great gasps.
Her ambition is to go to college and get a degree in business.
If she's right, her work may fundamentally change the way new materials are brought to market.
The user recharges the device's battery by placing a small radio transmitter against his or her head.
She had enough of her prescription pills and enough stamps for her thank-you notes.
Her anthropomorphizing commentary is a highlight of the blog.
Her eyes are wide, and her brow is often furrowed in concern.
Then, without warning, she abandoned her chair for the carpet and began addressing the dogs themselves from her knees.
She had surgery to remove the tumor, but a year later the cancer spread to her bones.
Her looks are certainly not divorced from her considerable appeal or success.
When she's feeling despairing, she goes to eddies at the mouth of the river and tries to comb the water apart with her fingers.
So my initial reaction to her nomination is a simple one: happiness for her.
Yet her large talent doesn't extend to the non-singing parts of her performance.
She sometimes foists off a main dish as her own when it was actually bought at a gourmet shop.
Some had heard of her-they thought-but knew nothing about her and had not read her.
Her confidence in her new people had been shaken, as had her confidence in herself.
Her characters while engaged in the activities of the thirties have a consciousness whose style derives directly from the fifties.
Her tilted eyes were nearly closed in the bliss of anticipation.
Nothing in her relation to the kitchen offers the slightest hint that she has learned anything at all from her heroine.
Her coworker pointed out, in a thick brogue, that she had failed to press the sign of the cross into the top before cooking it.
She paused, opening her mouth to sneeze, and stuck out her arms as if to gather strength to fight it back.
Her books have spread the gospel of genuine southern cuisine and inspired a generation of home cooks.
She is a dreamy four-year-old, and on her own two feet, she's liable to meander.
Her own bed has a cushion embroidered with the words drama queen.
Then, for a while, her brain could again perceive her body.
Her blood sugar levels seemed to vary depending on the personality she was manifesting.
After extensive rehabilitation, her youthful vitality returned.
Her white blood cell count is slightly up--though not high enough to indicate infection.
Her will, her sense of self, and of right and wrong determined who she was.
The left side of her face-purple, red, and swollen-had clearly taken a thumping.
Her pink pajamas glowed against the starched white sheets.
Yet her reflexes were normal, and the tone of her leg muscles was good.
As she locked eyes with it, the mountain lion moved forward, descending the shrubby bank and heading straight toward her.
Her heart was beating too rapidly to allow its chambers to fill before they pumped, so her blood pressure was plummeting.
Her right arm was still paralyzed, but she had regained a flicker of motion in her right foot and hip.
Her breathing rate sped up, and her whole body trembled.
While in therapy, she also began exploring the unexplained feelings of panic that had haunted her daily since early childhood.
Her fever and coma indicated the infection had invaded her brain.
People seldom recognize her since she lost more than half her weight.
Shirley is being denied her beloved cigarettes in an attempt to return her to the wild.

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