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The concept of open source hardware has interested me for some time.
Nilsson loves exploring old neighborhood hardware stores.
The design of that hardware is terrible.
Pictures can be worth more than a thousand words when the subject is something as arcane as computer hardware.
Years ago, it was virtually impossible to upgrade a laptop's hardware.
And finally, you might be a geek like me who likes to see what's possible with new hardware and software tools.
Hacking hardware is nothing new.
Cookware and hardware stores are selling many new models this year.
He called a salesman in the hardware section by name, and they discussed wrenches.
Booting your hardware is stressfull.
All three of us are experienced climbers, but the terrain was as difficult as any of us dared tackle without ropes and hardware.
Stainless steel appliances, sink, and hardware catch the light.
Cut lengths of hardware cloth to fit inside the bed.
In the hardware store, he found a paraffin stove, and took it home with a tin of fuel.
German military hardware, stored in a vast depot across the street from the museum.
Use a staple gun to staple the hardware cloth to one side of the frame, starting with the four corners.
Computers are hardly the only electronic hardware hounded by obsolescence.
Such variables keep deepwater drilling costs high, but so does the hardware involved.
Many hardware stores collect the bulbs, so check with local retailers if you do not have a drop-off nearby.
Some of these can be attached to existing hardware, or you can replace entire units.
Efficient hardware combined with good power management can reduce the amount of energy a system needs.
His wintering responsibility is the maintenance of this hardware and software.
Most sharks keep their hardware concealed behind their fixed crescent frowns.
It offered an amazing view of the future albeit in a gimped hardware package.
It does not allow any other hardware-maker to build machines using its operating system.
Hardware is getting so cheap now there is really no need for elegant programming.
The adoption of new hardware is not driven by these owners sitting on their hands, of course.
It is doing this to increase demand for its hardware, but it also hopes to offer services based on networks of sensors.
It vets every app, and its apps work only on its hardware.
But both companies focused too much on their clever hardware, and too little on software and services.
With this month's agreement, the music industry and hardware manufacturers merely agreed to disagree.
But in the past decade it has moved into other corporate software, and hardware too.
Some are reflected in the hardware and energy used to police the system.
The sharper views also allow scientists to more accurately identify objects and pieces of hardware that were left on the moon.
The handsets are crammed with hardware such as digital photograph and video cameras, music players and the dandy screens.
Firmware is a software program or set of instructions programmed on a hardware device.
Otherwise your insurance value relative to the cost of the extra hardware doesn't make it worthwhile.
There are currently hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris in space-spent rockets, dead satellites, stray pieces of hardware.
If it was even worth addressing we'd be contemplating how to develop hardware right now.
Hardware and software changes to the internal-combustion engine in cars can make it much more fuel-efficient.
So in many respects, it's as much a software problem as it is a hardware problem.
Once all proposals are in, they will be evaluated and the winning teams will be tasked with building the actual hardware.
Digital cameras employ two different image stabilization hardware schemes.
So manufacturers would have to agree on a standard communications protocol and a universal connector to join the hardware.
Sales of hardware and software had similar declines.
They may work either within a company that uses computer systems or directly for a computer hardware or software vendor.
Software, not hardware, provides the right level of abstraction.
Hardware and software become extinct at a distressing rate.
The three hardware buttons don't depress, but each provides a little buzz of tactile feedback.
Consider incentives to accelerate innovation by publishers and producers of accessible course materials, hardware, and software.
Those features can be enabled, even on your older hardware.
It is our job to provide a layer of hardware and software that lets faculty, staff, and students do their respective jobs.
It will cultivate a whole new growth of hardware startups.
Apple makes the vast majority of its money from hardware.
But every piece of hardware in orbit required far more infrastructure down on the ground.
These four machines, and the yards and yards of multi-strand cable that connected them, were the hardware of my system.
The big increases in military spending were for hardware, not people.
Specialized transistors track hardware bugs as they happen.
Obsolescence is the curse of electronics: no sooner have you bought a gadget than its hardware is outdated.
Cloud hardware could get cheaper because of the social network's self-interested altruism.
At times, however, it would be useful for the application and hardware layers to communicate more directly.
In this strategy, code extracted from game cartridges and disks can be used on virtual machines running on contemporary hardware.
There is nothing particularly innovative in the antenna technology and the router hardware, he says.
The operating system interprets our inputs and translates them into commands that the hardware understands.
The software update has already stimulated some new hardware.
Manufacturers block changes to the software and much of the hardware.
But this revolution will be more widespread because this is software that writes its own hardware.
The commercial launchers are developing hardware now when standards are not ready.
Hardware machines are held in check by physical reality.
And you have to maintain an investment across that whole software stack in order to effectively use the hardware.
Upgrading to a newer, sleeker computer is always fun, but it can leave some clutter around in the form of old hardware.
Then you have to boot up the genome in a living cell to generate the hardware, the life-form itself.
They remove meth-making hardware and chemicals, and often hire professional cleaning companies to sanitize the house.
Its structure is completely independent of our projection of design concepts of modern silicon-based computer hardware onto it.
If you go to the hardware store looking for a drill, chances are what you really want is not a drill but a hole.
We have trained astronauts, developed and built hardware that has flown.
Announcements are easy, flying actual hardware can sometimes hold surprises.
Other people are looking at hardware that actually evolves--they use circuitry that can rewire itself.
The software comes pre-installed on the hardware, you don't need to download it.
People will end up with electromagnetic communication implants use to interface with their hardware and software at some point.
Additional deaths have occurred due to faulty or defective crib hardware.
Hardware stores are stocking up on shovels and snowblowers.

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