HANGOUT in a sentence

Example sentences for HANGOUT

It could have been more of that predation or shared hangout that let the two louse lineages reunite.
The owner of the teenage hangout finally had to unplug the jukebox because it got to be too much for some people.
The new and improve pea arbor makes a shady hangout for the chickens.
Have it with the ribs in this old mansion-turned-skiers'-hangout and inn.
Beware, it's a college hangout and the atmosphere definitely reflects that, but it's fun and the food is good.
The area under the tree was known as a hangout for white students.
They also hangout at senior community center playing pool.
You'll spend money on wine and cheese and enjoy some hangout time with friends.
Our laundry room was sort of a social hangout for the moms in the building.
The restaurant is a popular hangout for surfers in the evenings where they go to watch satellite television or enjoy videos.
The bar is a known local hangout spot to watch sports games and enjoy local brews.
What better way to sum up that idea than explore people's spaces: their homes, their places of work, their hangout spots.
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