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Chop the dried mushrooms coarsely and grind to a fine powder in a spice mill or use a mortar and pestle.
In the bowl was a deep blue powder, made finer and finer with each grind of the pestle.
Grind, mill or otherwise comminute the entire sample.
If you go to business conferences, you know that at lunch it is definitely better to be seated next to a prince than a grind.
Many football teams use that strategy to grind out small gains from the backfield.
Those who insist there is are suspect of having a secret axe to grind.
Buy spices whole and grind them as you need them, since they deteriorate quickly once ground.
Generally, users eat the buttons whole or grind them up into a powder that can be mixed into food or brewed into a tea.
Combine onion, garlic and ginger in food processor and grind to paste.
Those who succeed will find a life that's far removed from the grind of research universities.
But for many earnest students through the ages, it has been a frustrating grind.
The glaciers in the background grind the rocks underneath as they melt in the summer and produce rock flour.
Glaciers slowly grind their way over mountains and plains, moving immense boulders and carving out fjords.
Use the grind your coffee equipment is designed to handle.
As the show goes on, she moves around a bit, performing a bump and grind and bending over lasciviously.
Fear of failure did its share to keep me going, but that wasn't enough for me to grind it out on time.
The wheels of the laws grind slowly enough, but science proceeds even more hesitantly.
Relief because the long grind was over and the unattainable had been attained.
When you grind whole wheat into flour, you get the same blood sugar result as while flour.
To grind almonds, whirl in a food processor or blender.
Pinker, it's important to point out, has an axe to grind here.
People walk on them, scuff them and grind their heels into them.
Many more will grind through the process and be ground up by the process.
Farmers once used windmills to grind their grains and pump water.
The espresso grind size allows water to come into contact with more of the grounds as it is forced through them at high pressure.
Use the leaves whole or grind them with a lawn mower.
Bartenders who grind their palms opening too many twist-off beer caps may now find relief.
Furthermore, my home is my refuge from the grind of daily life.
When the two come together, the ocean crust goes down, and those two plates really grind against each other.
After that release, established theories suggest, we're able to return to the grind a little refreshed.
We take perfectly good fish and grind it up to feed to animals that simply should not be eating them.
Without this additional type of collaboration, research would grind to a halt.
Obviously, the grind will become much more difficult if it is more or less offset by euro appreciation.
Those with an axe to grind call it an overpriced, glorified truck stop, and that's fine.
At the firs whiff, every engine on every train will grind to a collective halt until the track is returned.
They add to the steady grind of poverty and malnutrition.
Most people daydream about escaping to an idyllic island to avoid the workday grind.
But diplomacy may well grind on in a higher gear for a while.
To that, add scrap meat from all over the country, and grind.
But without their evidence the trial might grind to a halt.
Each pushes forward in the grip of her primordial needs, until sheer muscle overcomes friction and they grind past each other.
Before trying to grind an axe, perhaps try to avoid looking silly by reading the article properly.
Tectonic plates float around and grind against each other on the fluid mantel.
While other economies would grind to a halt, their population would presumably stay mobile and productive.
Snakes are stressful and working with them is a mental grind.
Makes you want to go to your local butcher's shop, pick out a piece of chuck, and watch him grind it.
They used it to grind grain to make bread, which was the main part of their diet.
When glaciers meet at the top of a mountain, they can grind it into a horn.
Others without a commercial axe to grind agree with him.
There was once an attempt to grind krill for use as chicken feed.
She's poor, so she rather than feeding the grains to her animals, she and her family grind and directly consume them.
My partner's website is slowly moving up in the world, which is quite a grind.
Flower pot: break it, grind up the shards, and use it for kitty litter.
Go for the whole beans and grind them on an as-needed basis.
Peel's record in the grind of government was one of solid achievement.
He was flicking through channels the other night, looking to break the monotony of another playoff grind.
Don't fret about details of the day-to-day grind of the job and content mastery.
Know your enemy, and don't reason with people who have an ax to grind.
And they all made the transition from the glitter of the sports world to the daily grind of business.
All colleges will have bitter ex-employees or former teachers with an axe to grind.
But whatever happens, creativity is unlikely to grind to a halt.
Put the pecan meats into the container of an electric blender or spice mill and grind until fine.
Place the hazelnuts in a food processor and grind coarsely.
Such robots are useful in foundries that cut and grind components.
If it is not, then toast and grind some of the chili seeds and add them to the soup.
Her life became a relentless grind of study, followed by mock exams, followed by more study.
Many may find their country's politics an exasperating distraction from the grind of daily life.
Combine remaining ingredients in a blender or food processor and grind to a coarse paste.
We are talking about about pathological personalities who have an axe to grind.
When the goal is unclear, the gears grind to a halt.
Grind beef and saute in its own fat in a medium-hot nonstick skillet.
Coarsely chop the graham crackers, place in a food processor and grind completely.
Glaciers grind bedrock into a powder, with a consistency similar to flour, which is lifted into the air by winds.
The news media does not grind their own corporate knives to suit their owners.
Instead, they benefit from ordinary focus, as people grind out the answer and check to make sure it's right.
Many of the primary voters may have had axes to grind with the establishment.
They were, however, fascinated by her craw and gizzard still full of grain and rocks to grind it.
These convulsive jolts occur as the dozen or so ambulatory slabs that make up the surface grind past one another.
They shift and grind, still moving, expanding and shrinking.
The slow rumble of the millstones as they grind the grain into flour.
She's competing in a sport that is less of a grind on the body than many sports, and she is injury-free.
Ethanol yield determination for dry grind corn processing.
Mortar and pestles are used to grind solids into powders.
The other major process by which corn is processed today is by the dry grind process.
Grind raw materials from each supplier separately from those from other suppliers, and code appropriately to reflect the supplier.
Ethanol is produced in either dry grind or wet mill facilities.
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