Grin in a sentence

Example sentences for Grin

He's almost never without a benign grin, a smile so pearly-white perfect that he could get work in a teeth-bleaching ad.
No wonder the famous grin was even wider than usual.
The clownish grin of a bridled parrotfish reveals its power tools.
You'll grin as you see all your old felt-and-fur friends appear.
He disappeared one day into the wall and came out a week later with a silly grin on his face.
He is tough, clever and has a disarming cheeky grin.
The farmers grin as they watch the machines thunder through the cornfields.
Once it has extracted the information it requires, it slops out of your throat and saunters off with a wicked grin on its face.
People who confess to feeling happy also grin more than others.
Despite the toothpaste grin on my face, my guide could sense my severe disappointment.
And as you can tell from my grin in the picture, they feel really, really good in your hand.
One contained a full set of pink and white dentures clamped in a mad grin.
Once on target it waits until it sees a big grin before tripping the shutter.
His spirit is quite amazing and his grin infectious.
Hallmark-alike e-card, complete with pink cake and cheesy grin.
He's got a weird grin on his face, but then it's not every day you can crush a car with your hand.
But then they never expect things to break, and refuse to put up with irritations an older generation would simply grin and bear.
Then he puts an imaginary pistol to his head and, with a grin, fires it.
He dipped his shoulders, produced a tight grin that tapered to a grimace at both corners of his mouth.
He spoke not a word, yet he wagged his head with a grin, indicating that he would treat us in the same way.
The former governor tends to dive right in, flashing a grin, shaking hands and waving above the cameras into the distance.
He took the ice with a rakish grin, popping his suspenders as he skated to center ice and fixing the audience with a wink.
With a toothy grin and somewhat large head, he has a boyish air.
Without saying a word or shooting over a grin, they left this special treat for her when she woke.
It's a tie between the gap-toothed grin framed with big ears and the round-shouldered, bowlegged slouch.
So many celebrities, all wearing that camera-ready grin.
He had an infectious grin and a fine reputation as a military planner, but he had no major combat command experience.
As he plays, his lips dangling a cigarette, he leans back into his snarling guitar and a joyful grin spreads across his face.
His grin wasn't staged or forced or for the cameras.
There's a grin cradled in the parenthesis of deep dimples.
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