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By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore.
The pharaohs even took their pets to the grave with them.
The case was cold--the bones in the mass grave were 70 million years old.
People anywhere can visit a site at no cost, even if they can't attend a funeral or visit a grave.
It was a judgment call, based on a perception that our students suddenly faced a grave threat.
As a result, she warns, we are at grave risk of being perpetually misled.
We are in the midst of a crisis of huge proportions and grave global significance.
Chinese tradition demands that husbands and wives always share a grave.
This time he wore Highland dress, and he filled the room with a grave presence.
The other day, four men sat by his grave, ruminating on his life and music.
We can use articles such as this to educate students and faculty about these grave concerns.
He and others have developed grave misunderstandings of one's ability, perceptions and well being.
The monastery and its paintings are in grave danger.
Turning a haircut into a matter of grave moral significance is the work of a fanatic.
For on average every fortnight a leader dies and carries with him or her into the grave the last syllables of an ancient tongue.
The caretaker steps from the modest gift shop to show us the grave itself.
On a more grave note, our review unit was plagued with dozens of stuck pixels.
Gross exacerbation of social inequality is a grave social harm.
My grandfather's grave turned into the light, and the dew on his weedy little mortality patch was glorious.
The change from teeth to dentures struck my brother and me as both grave and ribald.
Instead, attention is given to his grave, which is more centrally located.
Gravity was uncongenial to her, and she made light even of grave things.
But no one knew whether treating it in people who are still in grave danger would be any use.
Unfortunately, he added, recalling contaminated products would entail grave economic consequences.
As soon as the news broke of the discovery, some researchers expressed grave doubts.
There are, of course, times when the leaders of this country have made grave mistakes.
There is no blinking at the fact that that our people, our planet and our interests are in grave danger.
Anything that encourages thinking in an atmosphere of ignorance is subject grave suspicion.
Hazel's sister said their father, who'd died a few years earlier, was rolling over in his grave because of it.
To criminalize command decisions in a theater of complex combat operations is a grave step indeed.
Yet there are many cases clear enough and grave enough to justify that exception.
The grave is visited by four million people each year.
His writing is spare and allusive, wry and grave, direct and poetic.
But the protection offered by a cradle-to-grave welfare system hides a dark underside.
There are grave doubts about the efficiency of this spending.
Often, indeed typically, governments have abused capital controls in ways that oppress their citizens and do grave economic harm.
Paranoia is having an unreasonable fear or anxiety of a perceived grave threat.
The trouble is that the euro-zone plan also has some grave weaknesses.
The social and economic consequences if they end up in liquidation would be grave, he says.
But our investigation shows that he has a compelling case to answer on a string of grave charges.
These actions, while not a surprise given its statements and actions to date, are a matter of grave concern to all nations.
We're perpetuating a cradle-to-grave expectation of hotness.
He was so proud of the achievement, he wanted to go to his grave with it.
One does not want such a grave charge as that to be degraded by propaganda to the point where it meets diminishing returns.
It cannot be placed in a utilitarian context, because its violation of human dignity is so grave it is an absolute evil.
Hello, in this video we're going to cover the basic procedures for lifting a stone grave marker using a hoist or lifting system.
Hello, in this video we're going to try and cover the basic procedures for cleaning a stone grave marker.

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Hamlet: Why was he sent into England? Grave-digger: Why, because a was mad. A shall recover his wits there;... more
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