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New species evolve when some geographic barrier-a mountain range, an ocean, a glacier-divides a population.
The scientists also measure how fast the glacier is traveling.
They penetrated a 50-foot layer of fresh snow to lay bare the real skin of the glacier.
When the growth of a glacier can be compared to its rate of dissipation, it may be possible to forecast a glacier's future.
It's moving at the speed of a glacier, but it's moving.
Inefficient central power generation is protected by a glacier of artificial barriers.
The glacier remained in this position until around 1930 before retreating further to its present- day position.
The hot volcanic gas and ash melted the glacier and mixed with the meltwater.
London, England, used to have a glacier.
Impenetrable to the view as the deep blue of a glacier.
Expect some ups and downs of climate but don't hold your breath for carbonaceous heat or glacier attacks anytime soon.
Attractions near the hotel include whale watching and glacier viewing cruises.
The large triangular-shaped stone is not indigenous to the area but was carried there by a glacier during the ice age.
They had been expecting the glacier to calve, but this piece is much larger than anyone had anticipated.
The glacier that feeds the river, already shrunken considerably, will continue to recede.
The wind was howling, the moraine unstable, and the glacier was booming.
It started underneath a glacier nearby the first eruption.
The helicopter dances over the ice fjord toward the tongue of the glacier, the spot where it begins to shard off.
Glacier recession is underway, and many glaciers have already disappeared.

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The chisel work of an enormous Glacier That braced his feet against the Arctic Pole.... more
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