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But on land the arbitrariness of political geography becomes swiftly apparent.
Knowing geography helps kids to understand what is happening in the world.
In fact, there was hardly any geography at all in those days.
And since it's best to use Kentucky limestone water, that limits the geography too.
The type you need depends on geography, surrounding building height and station signal strengths.
Some winners may also emerge on the basis of geography.
Throw in tides, wind and a shifting geography, and it's no wonder pirates came here.
Towards a theory of modern human origins: geography, demography, and diversity in recent human evolution.
Trying to chart the cloud's geography can be daunting, a task that is further complicated by security concerns.
And if the surrounding geography prohibits a quick walk to a convenience store, the prices are likely to be even higher.
She was especially sensitive to matters of architecture and social geography.
Its ability to insulate itself from external shocks stems partly from history and geography.
The researchers therefore asked whether geography offered a better explanation.
But they provide a striking insight into the ways that geography can shape human affairs.
Geography and culture explain some of the difference.
The software is also flexible, allowing emergency managers to input their city's demographics and geography.
These suggested a shift in incidence according to age, geography, and race.
Among their shared characteristics are the desire to excel and an inherent curiosity about geography and the world around them.
Thinking in spatial terms is essential to knowing and applying geography.
In this lesson, students will identify characteristics of the physical geography of each continent of the world.
Geography is for life and not simply an exercise for its own sake.
One of the major drivers of speciation is geography.
Peek could soak up material in any subject and became an expert in history, sports trivia, geography and music.
Geography and topography play a role in how harmful wood smoke can be on a community-wide level.
Huge discoveries had been made in geography, astronomy and anatomy.
She is pursuing two master's degrees, one in journalism and one in geography.
The best shade tree for the south and southwest side is a matter of geography, there's no worldwide best answer.
It involves psychology and sociology as well as geography.
Go back to grammar school and learn about world history and geography, this time pay attention.
The specific effects will vary depending on the geography.
Its geography is ideal for the opera or one of the theaters below the mid-forties.
In that limited geography, the bicycle is the prevalent form of mechanized transport.
The world fragments into a working pandemonium of individuals, organized by jobs rather than geography.
The games are quite fun to play, yes, but they're also for learning and teaching geography.
Knowledge has become the central, key resource that knows no geography.
We will identify these areas by need and by geography.
My view of geography has been fundamentally transformed.
What the characters share is a peculiar lightness of attachment, both to each other and to the geography in which they're placed.
The grief-struck find themselves in a new geography, where other people's maps are only ever approximate.
It is about redrawing at unprecedented speed the geography of how and where people live.
The survival of our village, and many others, is due to a quirk in history and to geography.
Perhaps these designations derive not so much from geography as from spelling.
They have moved instruction online in order to free themselves from the constraints imposed by brick and mortar and geography.
The main reason for confidence is, simply, geography.
Climate modelers are beginning to believe the solution to both puzzles may be the same: geography.
Those include geography, linguistics, and operations research.
Another lets you play a geography game, where you have guess a country's name based on satellite imagery.
The geography of childhood obesity is largely the geography of poverty.
Captivating digital landscapes would bring history, geography and science alive on a screen.
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