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Readers respond to articles on human genome mapping.
It wouldn't be the last time that the human genome crossed his mind.
Rival versions of the human genome have been published at last.
Scientists have completed a rough sketch of the canine genome.
As the race to map the human genome draws to a close, scientists are getting punchy.
The exploration of the human genome has long been relegated to elite scientists in research laboratories.
The genome of the chimpanzee-mankind's closest living relative-has been sequenced.
Using hairs from woolly mammoths, scientists have sequenced an extensive genome of these elephant cousins, a new report says.
The chicken has joined the growing group of animals whose genome has been sequenced.
Other phages reproduce by becoming a part of the bacterium's genome.
Two studies released today report the first ever uses of whole genome sequencing to pin down the genetic basis of severe disease.
Such a genome would have several advantages for synthetic biologists.
The humble cow has now had its entire genome sequenced, a new study says.
Scientists say the final draft of the human genome sequence is finished.
But they do know that the bacteria go a step further and actually transfer some of their own genes into the wasp's genome.
The record for world's smallest genome has been smashed by a bacterium that lives inside a sap-feeding insect.
Scientists have unveiled a fully mapped human genome for the first time since well.
The final genes of the virus's genome sequence are being published this week.
So researchers have been racing to decode the tree's genome in hopes of finding ways to genetically dial up resistance.
Researchers say their rough draft of the chicken genome may prevent chicken diseases.
Twin study surveys genome for cause of multiple sclerosis.
The leader of the winning human genome sequencing effort used to think the whole idea was hogwash.
Genome sequencing has revealed our common humanity.
Sequencing the human genome is a mere prelude to the real work of finding the actual genes.
Scientists have created a genome map of the leprosy bacteria.
Strength through diversity is at the genome level people---and that's where it should stay.
Decoding the human genome has also not yet led to the wave of new medicines originally hoped for.
In experiments so far the researchers have produced spider silk by inserting the gene into the genome of cows and hamsters.
The scientists merely copied a genome that exists in nature and transplanted it into a cell.
The worm is well known in genetics, and the worm's genome has been sequenced.
Surely the human genome deserves a postage stamp in its honor.
In addition, general skepticism that a service model could work for genome sequencing has dissipated.
As the human genome is gradually unlocked, they will garner fewer policy-holders and lower profits.
Collectively, these genes comprise the product's genome.
But a new album manages to locate some sonic beauty deep in its genome.
Similarly, the sequencing of the human genome was expected to revolutionise the process of drug discovery.
All the cells that make up an individual originate from the same fertilized egg and share the same genome.
Those are the genetic elements, in key areas of the genome, that differ between the two species.
Now science knows why which is which, they've read the genome, without a hitch.
The technique was used to map the human genome, revolutionizing the field of genomics.
Venter has been a leader in human genome mapping as well as synthetic biology.
If the human genome were put in a straight line, it would be over six and a half feet long.
It's been more than a decade since the human genome was published.
Each newly sequenced genome allows scientists to determine how humans stack up against other members of the animal kingdom.
Genome-sequencing contest renews regeneration research.
Such mutations among the genome's three billion base pairs don't tell the whole story, however.
It takes less than two per cent of our genome to create all the proteins necessary for us to live.
Researchers have finished mapping the genome of the domestic dog.
Thanks to human genes spliced into their genome, the mice are the first genetically modified animals to produce lactoferrin.
The human genome's sequencing has profoundly influenced basic research and the refinement of genome-reading tools.
The human-genome project was an exception to this rule.
What you learn from looking at your genome is not yet worth the price you have to pay.
He says that when whole-genome sequencing arrives, single-gene patents will be of no use.
The genome-all the genes that go to make up an organism-is a familiar idea.
The genome has been compared to a book with three billion letters.
The result might be an understanding of the human genome that is useless in addressing specific diseases in different populations.
There are some papers out on the genome of the domestic cow out right now.
So you have transplanted a natural genome, and you have created a synthetic one.
Here's a flu virus genome, which you can print on a single page.
L1 can hop around a genome but only if it has the right landing sites.
Organ suspected that he could estimate the size of a dinosaur's genome indirectly by taking advantage of data from living animals.
But all of those genome readings lack some crucial information.
Previous studies have identified large regions of the genome that appear to contain genetic variations linked to autism.
Each genome contains the complete genetic information that shaped the creature to which it belongs.
We do not understand the language of the genome well enough to read and write it fluently.
The race to complete the map of the human genome has become acrimonious.
It's not for nothing that scientists are in such a footrace to get the human genome mapped.
Something woven so tightly into the genome is not likely to be shaken loose by a few thousand years of modern living.
Overview of the effort to sequence the mouse genome, along with a list of additional resources.
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