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The next-generation Internet is creeping ever closer.
Wannabe idols pass around the mic and sing along to generation-spanning tunes.
On the other hand, it's reviving a lot of classic acts for a new generation.
Nuclear power--like most forms of electricity generation--carries inherent risks.
Now this sweet, creamy-textured bean has a new generation of converts.
There, for nearly a generation longer, he continued to carry on an incessant journalistic activity.
The papers say a new generation has come to power.
Show it to your family, then store it in a safe place for the next generation.
Every generation has said that about every younger generation.
They may show up first in a new generation of computerized credit cards.
Today, she is among the fifth generation in her family to work in construction and architecture.
These ideas, once the sole province of fiction writers, face real tests in a new generation of experiments.
Standards changed after a generation grew up watching movies on television rather than in theaters.
If it helps to get these early films exposure to a whole new generation or two, then all the better.
Appliances will talk to each other and to the power-generation system.
His genius has empowered a whole new generation of creative people.
The next generation of battlefield weapons might be bombs that make enemy soldiers fall in lust with each other.
Major forest fires are both more numerous and more devastating than they were a generation ago in the region.
As a result, there is a whole generation of people killing themselves to meet a standard that is impossible.
The queen's job is simple-laying the eggs that will spawn the hive's next generation of bees.
Design innovations caught upon by individuals are therefore often not transmitted to the next generation, he added.
It was about time that a younger generation came to fruition.
In some parts of the country, oil products are used as the power element for electrical generation stations.
It is the only viable alternative for power generation.
Until storage of power can be made reasonable neither wind nor solar will ever become a primary generation source.
The advance also enables reprogrammable mice to be maintained in the lab generation after generation.
Researchers are pursuing several different routes toward power generation on a miniature scale.
Furthermore, these sources of energy cannot replace coal fired generation due to their variability and low power density.
Great example of extending technology for energy generation into the third dimension.
The heat from this ignition starts the decomposition of the sodium azide and the generation of nitrogen gas to fill the air bag.
Once there is a strong social safety net, birthrates are almost guaranteed to fall below replacement level within a generation.
Stop new power generation and then complain about the high price and brownouts later.
Second-generation inhibitors are already in development, and the enzyme will likely be a target for other infectious diseases.
His example in this respect was not without its effect upon more than one historiographer of the next generation.
How a generation of file-sharers is ruining the future of entertainment.
He writes on foreign policy, the strengths and shortcomings of the millennial generation, and the perils of the digital age.
In every generation, some individuals leave more descendants than others.
But the present generation is enough of a subculture to be a source of profitable boutiques and coffeehouses.
To get a new brain, zombie parties usually need to spend years out of power or wait until a new generation rises to leadership.
Over the past generation reformers have tried heroically, and in many cases successfully, to end housing discrimination.
Even with a low non-paternity rate, the odds increase with each successive generation.
There's a whole generation moving in behind our generation.
We're the last generation that learned movies from movies.
But this is a generation that has grown up in peacetime and a period of unprecedented economic prosperity.
And unlike members of her parents' generation, she is not afraid to borrow.
Power generation produces more greenhouse gases than the government wants.
The older generation is quite loyal to local brands.
Some engineers think dots might be used to jump a complete generation of screen technology.
He wants to flog state power-generation and distribution companies, and put the grid under private management.
My generation grew up traveling long distances in trains because only the rich could afford to fly.
Unemployment generation programme executed and implemented at local level will provide much boost to eradication of unemployment.
It is for good reason that this generation is known as the boomerang generation.
Millions of us are now richer in these pleasures than our parents' generation could ever imagine.
It's an unusually difficult concept to grasp for my academic generation.
In a related vein, traditional colleges and universities serve as mentoring grounds for the rising generation.
Sometimes the work at the system level even affects more than one generation.
Every generation gets the self-help guru that it deserves.
Generation after generation, his family's old people sat at this window to watch the year.
Above all, he offered a doubting generation the example of his confident spiritual health.
Each generation feels disappointed in its own way, though, and seems to require its own literature of disaffection.
But the sensibility, and much of the language, belongs to my parents' generation.
She took responsibility for observing the inhuman uses of power and for summoning her generation to judgment and action.
Our generation has seen enough of it for the message to be taken extremely seriously.
Unlike their parents before them, many farmers today know their land may not go to the next generation.
The second generation of children took up this language as their own.
Yet how forests will be brought into a second-generation treaty is anyone's guess.
Unrealism reflects an entire generation's conviction that the world they have inherited is a crummy second-rate duplicate.
They can't become citizens, though some are the third generation of their family to be born here.
For my generation-ten years ago when this came out-it was really scary.
They're focusing more on preventing a generation of orphans.
But definitely one generation has grabbed hold of one of them, and the other generation has grabbed hold of the next one.
The reporters looked on, amazed, and turned away questions about what generation they were.
But he talks the talk, albeit in the voice of his generation.
And if you listen closely, you'll start to wonder if the current generation has a voice at all.
But there is a goal out there worthy of our generation.
When scientists find first-generation hybrid whiptails in the wild, they're almost always sterile.
Four experts argue that the transition to a clean economy could also jump-start economic growth and put a new generation to work.
As a new generation of vaccines begin clinical trials, researchers wonder if they've finally got this killer beat.
If he cannot command the attention of a peahen, he will not bequeath any little peafowl to the next generation.
In the past five years, a new generation of technology and talent has emerged to resuscitate the giant-impact theory.
The limitations of current-generation solar cells are painfully clear.
In countries with access to condoms and other contraceptives, average family sizes tend to fall significantly within a generation.
But a new generation of experimental robots are capable of precisely this kind of self-maintenance and transformation.
Yet a generation of sociobiologists built their research around the idea of kin selection.
Those are the eggs that will make the next generation.
It probably took a few hundred million years-and another generation of stars-for the hydrogen to dissipate completely.
Their best strategy for contributing to the next generation is help rear the chicks of relatives who bear many of the same genes.
Finally, marrying cousins minimizes the need to break up family wealth from one generation to the next.
From energy generation to energy transmission to energy use.
It's the generation of people who thought they would never get old.
And so they try to shut down all nuclear power generation facilities.
For a new generation of technology company founders, money is the easy part.
Tiny phase-change wires could serve as a key element in next-generation memory.
Step back and let the population evolve generation after generation.
Butanol-a promising next-generation biofuel-packs more energy than ethanol and can be shipped via oil pipelines.
The e-ink technology powering its screen is also a newer generation, displaying sixteen shades of gray rather than four.
But more exciting applications lie in energy efficiency and energy generation.
They are used in niche applications such as power generation on spacecraft and temperature-controlled car seats.
The next generation of treatments, not yet approved, improves the drugs by delivering them inside individual cancer cells.
Instead, it requires a new generation of optics that work in what's known as the near field.
The new generation of e-book readers will transform the print industry.
The new generation of e-book reading gadgets will transform the troubled book, magazine, and newspaper industries.
Finite element mesh generation for general applications.
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