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They kept chickens, geese, and a dozen or so contrarian turkeys.
For example, precocial chicks of geese and ducks spend much of the day feeding under vigilance of parents.
Geese don't need to be controlled unless you live where they gather.
The biggest risk is global warming, which will cook all our geese before too long.
Up north, you might encounter tens of thousands of snow geese but they're all snow geese.
Honk if you've had it up to here with geese on the golf course, in your yard, all over parks and beaches.
Pretty soon, he graduated to owls, snow geese and herons.
Above, the chill blue sky is lined with angles of geese heading south.
But surely the way chickens and cows are raised and slaughtered is worse than the life of these geese.
Lunchtime events such as sheep-shearing and geese-herding are not sufficient for the happiness of workers.
Geese and other birds are a bigger hazard than mobile devices or computers, on takeoff.
Millions of ducks and geese breed in the shallow lakes each summer.
The game went on in a field where she dried her laundry and near a pond where her geese swam.
Added to the calls of larks and swallows are those of the geese and chickens that live across the road.
Large white geese wander along the dirt path outside, near a muddy stream.
Increasingly, polar bears are beginning to rely on the eggs of snow geese as a major foodstuff.
Geese will eat almost any plant that exists, but they won't eat cotton or strawberries.
Instead of cows, giant flightless geese filled that niche.
The only sounds breaking the silence are the bird's soft breathing and the distant, rasping calls of the other geese.
Ducks and geese, whose chicks start foraging shortly after hatching, pay far less for an extra beak.
Yes, these are the same people who say that snakes and lizards evolved into geese and chickens.
These geese often migrate in large flocks at night, when they can be identified by their distinctive call.
The animal world has its share of celebrated navigators, from flocking geese to spawning salmon.
Touching this enmity between the swans and the geese, it is curious to see how the long feud varies.
Look there, he wanted to say, those geese streaming over the road.
Geese are plucked as long as they have any feathers.
The reference is to the custom of plucking live geese for the sake of their quills.
In the fall, cyclones of geese and ducks circle the harbor.
Instead of the geese you hear honking, imagine coxswains barking at their boat mates.
After the fusillade, the water was littered with dead and wounded snow geese.
The immature blue geese are almost entirely dark gray, with a white chin spot.
Geese are particularly aggressive during breeding and nesting season.
Using several techniques in combination is a much more effective strategy to use when dealing with nuisance geese.
It depends on the species of geese and what part of the world they live in.

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Let the long contention cease! Geese are swans, and swans are geese. Let them have it how they will! Thou a... more
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