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If we manufacture and garner more stuff, we'll need ever more people to help us .
And yet track stars don't garner the sort of attention they once did.
But the ratings garner less attention now.
It's one way to garner information, which is a kind of power in the job search.
Similarly, several pre-primary reversals seem designed to garner votes.
Both house and book should garner review attention in the independent media.
You really helped garner discussion here.
My garner shows so fair.
Britain's two largest independent broadcasters, plan to take the unprecedented step of joining forces to garner advertising.
The longer you stay, the more attention you're likely to garner.
They garner support by way of fear.
As they come out of their wrappers, let us not forget the names of those who disgraced science to garner political favor.
The balloon launches are starting to garner their fair share of them.
They can be wispy and weak and they can be bold enough to garner shading on themselves.
If the times call for peace protests, you pull every stunt you can dream up to garner media attention.
Denial of service is not merely a peaceful protest meant to garner attention for a cause.
Yet all the plans would garner money and power for those involved.
Much of what is published therefore has as its goal to garner as big a readership as possible before copyright expires.
Affairs also garner a ridiculous amount of media attention when people should honestly be caring about bigger and better things.
Several other governments that have long relied on fuel subsidies to garner public support now face tough choices.
Although this does not garner too many guffaws, the giggles are constant.

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In his latest article (Feb. 1892) Prof. Garner says that the chatter of monkeys is not meaningless but that... more
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