Gage in a sentence

Example sentences for Gage

I've declined the gage of youth and endeavour.
Reliability is very important, if you can gage it.
To gage the size of a rainbow, the human brain uses this experience in reverse.
From that point I can gage the situation.
We wouldn't need to hypothesize that producers are watching interest rates to gage savings when they could well, watch savings.
Their aspirations shouldn't be used as a gage for what Americans aspire to.
I'm trying to gage how irritable I can legitimately feel during the process.
Artificially inflated and flaunted like a social status gage.
Blogs and public opinion are an important way to gage public perception and reaction to military affairs.
Just need to gage our success with the potential for failure.
It seems to be a simple and possibly a statistical method to gage the drug use around the country as they have stated.
Overflows occur and flow through culverts that are located both north and south of the gage.
Gage height values at the current location are higher than those at the old location, given the same discharge.

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