Gaffer in a sentence

Example sentences for Gaffer

They'll use a stick for a bat, and make a ball from a roll of gaffer tape.
Gaffer's tape is an essential photographic accessory.
Use gaffer tape, point the mic and voila, you have a home studio.
All floor cables must be taped down with cloth gaffer's tape.
Cords and cables must be taped to the floor with gaffer tape or other suitable covering in all foot-traffic areas.
They will still be there when the tuna, gaffer dolphin, and billfish stop biting.
On the days people could go out, gaffer size dolphin and wahoo were the main catches along with a few yellowfin tuna.
Wahoo is still a possibility, with a smattering of bailer and gaffer dolphin also in the mix.
Plenty of bailer and gaffer dolphin are still a sure bet, and a few yellowfin tuna are available but scattered.
Offshore, gaffer and bull dolphin have been bitting.
The fleet also found some gaffer-sized dolphin and school-sized yellowfin.
Wahoo will continue to slam spreads for several more weeks, while bailer and gaffer dolphin are still a good backup.
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