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Early models rarely arrived without goat cheese and grilled eggplant, red peppers, and zucchini.
We can't wait to find out more about the surf smelt and seaweed they're planning to forage, and the goat cheeses and yogurt.
Your next prescription may come from a chicken or a goat.
If you succeed in expunging the slam, however, your enemy will know he got your goat.
The new course was little more than a goat track, difficult and certainly hazardous, but equally unexpected.
They carved the meat of cow- and goat-sized animals with sharp stone tools and smashed the bones to get at the rich marrow inside.
Better send the goat ropers in with their peashooters and straighten everything back out for nature.
Prior to his efforts, liquor was banned at the function and the place was a goat show.
The question is what do you do if he opens a door and reveals a goat.
He did not leave a tooth mark on the goat, by the way.
Some of them are a bit arid nowadays, but were much better forested before goat introduction.
When there is no calf available, they use a goat in this manner.
Into this pocket, spoon a small amount of goat cheese.
Occasional additions of goat meat, wild honey, beer and cola alleviate the dietary tedium.
He has moseyed through enough fairs to know how to sign a goat-on its left side, so as not to write against the grain of its coat.
The family was driven off its land and into barracks where a goat was the only source of heat.
He had ridden since he was five, starting on a goat for a tuppenny dare, and was a natural in the saddle.
It gets complicated figuring out what to do with the goat.
If you want to make it in your own kitchen, it's best to wait for the fall, which is prime season for good goat meat.
It wasn't a particularly good story about a goat by an eight year old.
She looked him over as though he were a goat she might or might not buy.
The butcher began to cut through the bone and gristle of a goat leg.
From one of these latter a goat emerged, dragging its pale and chain.
The goat hesitated, in the middle of the road, then turned away.
Listen: there was a goat's head hanging by ropes in a tree.
When he was twelve he had a goat, and every year she birthed two kids.
The company plans to also insert the silk-producing gene into goats with the aim of collecting silk proteins from goat milk.
Several would prove to be no better than goat paths and no wider than our wheels, and a few would be no road at all.
So far, digging has turned up only numerous goat and sheep remains.
Sheep and goat were also domesticated in this region.
The latter include one piled with sautéed mushrooms and goat cheese and one filled with succulent pulled pork.
Any type of milk may be used, cow's milk, goat's milk.
It was smothered with goat cheese and mango chutney.
Cleaners came to vacuum the tent while the discussion was taking place, and later a goat came wandering in.
It is full of stuffed and mounted animals ranging from a tarantula to a mountain goat.
They also have a two in three chance of picking a goat door.
The chimeras of myth were monsters that combined parts of lion, snake and goat.
There was also a snow leopard versus a mountain goat on a nearly vertical slope.
All you know is what a pack of homicidal goat-herders knew, many, many yesterdays ago.
Anthropologists trace human origins back to one large goat.
Avocado salsa and goat cheese top the burger, compensating for the lack of flavor in the overdone meat.
After a few seconds, one realizes it's actually a stylized satanic goat's head.
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