GEM in a sentence

Example sentences for GEM

It was beautiful, a gem of pure happiness that life throws you once in a while.
He had it cut into a five-carat gem and set as a ring.
These are mainly residential streets to the left, but you never know what little gem you might find.
Jewellers and gem traders seem to have been the targets of two of the bombs.
It spotlights the gem that was later to give the style its name.
More than a dozen works of public art are the area's hidden gem.
After all, its first two changes alone will shine enough light on murky practices to revolutionise the gem trade.
We can't even imagine what we'd think if we'd been the ones to discover this gem.
Come back next month for another gem from the archives.
That's the problem with exploration-one doesn't always find a gem or a pristine artifact gleaming on the seafloor.
Going a little bit deeper, one can find a hidden gem.
The more a book goes viral, the more books they will sell because of bookworms wanting to own that gem.
We could easily get by without gem-quality diamonds.
Maybe this will kick start his season, which has been a bit of a disaster until this gem.
Dark green hills and rugged shorelines create a superb setting for walking adventures in this maritime gem.
He hadn't heard that the once gem-rich area had been largely mined out and all that remained was swamp and mosquitoes.
Larger sizes are available, but this little gem is a great solution for travelers concerned with packing light.
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