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Drawers under bottom bunks provide extra storage for toys, games, and clothes.
Drawers offer easy storage for blankets, books, and games.
The tin soldiers rustled about in their box, for they wanted to join the games, but they could not get the lid off.
It is dramatic in method, with vividly realized characters who gossip and chat over games of piquet or at the theatre.
Their games were his games, their joys those of his own heart.
The author even cautiously floats the idea of subsidizing video games as part of anticrime policy.
Online games have been developed to train firefighters, soldiers, and others preparing for fast-paced jobs.
Achievements and leveling in games are inherently social, as they offer bragging rights and a way to compare progress to others.
Make blogs, iPods, and video games part of your pedagogy.
There are well-known words and obscure words about life in the country and in the city, words about games and emotions.
Today the athletes will bowl five consecutive games against five opponents.
Improve your language skills with scientific brain games.
Improve your math abilities with scientific brain games.
Improve memory with scientific brain games and training.
Use the magic pen to play the games and answer the quizzes, then check your answers with the electronic module.
The book was a revelation, a time machine to the era of wooden ballparks, day games and legal spitballs.
So officials working the games have to be quicker and fitter.
Games comprise either one or two innings, and can last five full days or be as short as a few hours.
But it's true that the best part of the preseason isn't the games.
When he started college, he was more interested in partying and going to football games.
But computer games are cheap and can be played anywhere.
All that time spent playing video games may finally be paying off.
Read video game reviews and gaming news, find online arcade games, and buy video games.
Thanksgiving weekend means rivalries and games with national championship implications.
Traveling with your kids is an opportunity to play games while spending quality time together.
Owners in both leagues were willing to risk losing games in order to increase their share of future revenues.
Seeing business life as a never-ending series of games, each of which has a winner and a loser, can be a handicap.
Kids discovered it was great for making up computer games.
Also free-to-play games always end up costing more money to play than flat rate subscription based games.
It is sad when kids play computer games or electronic games and spend all the time inside because they are not allowed outside.
Most evidence suggests ill effects from violent video games.
Video games have taken a lot of heat lately, blamed by some for triggering violence and fostering sedentariness.
Given a choice of surgeons, you might actually want the one sitting in the hospital lounge playing video games.
To keep public order, many countries flood big games with police in full riot gear.
People's own body map in their minds change when they play virtual reality games with different avatars.
Individual brain training games don't make you smarter-they make you more proficient at the brain training games.
If you design video games for example, you may call yourself a programmer or computer engineer to sound more respectful.
Rainy summer afternoons are perfect times for board games.
We played hundreds of games around it, including poker with a former vice president.
New studies have found that video games may become a powerful learning tool for students.
The health-care industry is using games to encourage better choices.
In the last few years, a few dedicated mathematicians have begun to study the computational complexity of video games.
And the system would be a natural fit for displaying video games and virtual worlds.
It will allow users to play games by gesturing, without the need for a controller or additional equipment.
Whether you play them or not, video games are good for you.
Parents are convinced that violent video games increase aggression in their children.
The glove could also be used in video games, sports training, or physical rehabilitation.
In-app purchases have become a critical part of the business model for many games companies.
There are games that can be played in transportation for real reasons where a piece of paper and a crayon will work overnight.
But his best results have often come through more inventive means: video games, optical illusions, physical challenges.
They were not the sort who played pickup games at the playground every evening.
Those cruel harvest games were good practice, it was useful to know how to knock a rabbit on the head.
He must, one guesses, have been familiar with the boudoir games he narrates so well.
Their only comforts are old videotapes of professional football games and gallons of alcohol.
Video games might do more than get you off your fanny.
Each year, video games offer more challenging and natural experiences, from motion-controlled action to augmented reality.
Some specially tailored games seem to help preserve mental fitness.
How a broken heart can really break your heart, violent games can ease your stress, and the lowest-stress job around.
The obvious option would be to mine the data from the various games to extract the successful techniques.
Many new video games are interactive, educational, and enriching.
The other was full of videos, cartoons and games but bereft of point-scoring opportunities.
Unfortunately, there is little good evidence that these games improve anything beyond performance on a specific task.
It is actually the one important thing that makes it stand out of all the computer games available.
The ultimate goal is to win, so the incentive to grab a better player should be offset by the incentive to win games.
Such advanced games are possible because people don't choose their hand shapes randomly.
Friends would come over and play drinking games until four or five in the morning.
The big question is whether the harm done to athletes during the games will be temporary or permanent.
Even better, sci-fi video games let us experience those variables for ourselves.
He has also written video games, and began his career writing political advertising.
Tobacco-which is known for increasing concentration-used to be chewed almost universally during games.
They're far-reaching, multilayered games of money and power.
We teach you concepts about maps and statistics through cool games.
Parent involvement: learning together, fun family activities, children's games.
For some kids, though, games are the best way to get the message through.
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