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Example sentences for Future

His feet stood upon the past, but his outlook was towards the future.
We enjoy working with you and look forward to serving your needs in the future.
Thanks for all your efforts and best wishes into the future.
If normal journalism is the first draft of history, this publication is a stab at a first draft of the future.
By the same token, what is now the future will sooner or later be history.
Interestingly, the pneumatic tube still rears its head in this vision of urban living in the future.
Nevertheless, the new study does point researchers in directions of future research.
Hopefully, a means will be found to reopen it in the near future.
Plus, of course, the potential for more of that creativity in the future.
Not that long ago biofuels were touted as the easy solution to our energy future.
The idea that anthropogenic climate change might cause a war or two sometime in the future is not new.
The conference was billed as a symposium on the future of higher education.
Because it makes a bold statement about the importance of moving education into the future.
Since our earliest days, our content has been our glory, and it will remain so in the future.
The past and the future rushed past one another within minutes.
Past good behavior is no guarantee against future lapses of professional decorum.
College exposes future citizens to material that enlightens and empowers them, whatever careers they end up choosing.
Many a philosopher is little honored till the future prove his inspiration.
It is too early to state what effect the entertainment of the soldier will have on the future theatre.
No peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present little instant.
Quite evidently also the exact course of social evolution in the distant future cannot be foreseen.
Produced when two atoms fuse into one, fusion energy could satisfy huge chunks of future demand.
Space-industry belt-tightening and ever shrinking technology are combining to give tiny satellites a big future, scientists say.
Then, ask students how those interests might be reflected in their future careers.
In the future, perhaps all too soon, time will slow down.
The implants of the future will be powered by the energy sources already inside your body.
Bioengineers will likely control the future of humans as a species.
Harder, stronger, and better-the material of the future.
Before you make any life-altering decisions in the future, you may want to guzzle a few liters of water.
And make sure our future spaceships are based in and judged from this spot called reality.
Bulletproof vests of the future may be constructed from an unlikely material: paper.
Too many wars have been launched on the basis of ill-defined future threats.
Future benefits are discounted because they will be a diminishing fraction of future wealth.
If you haven't seen them at your farmers' market, ask whoever sells broccoli to bring along the leaves in the future.
Contains papers about the nature of future conflicts.
Behind the debates over future policy is a debate over history-a debate over the causes of our current situation.
Now, you are probably wondering about the future of social networking.
He wouldn't describe it as future buzz, but that seems to be what he finds thrilling about it.
What with the countless arbitrary best-of and top ten lists, no one seems to be thinking about the future right now.
She has seen it, because she sees into the past as surely as she sees into the future.
Boxing should be banned, sparing us the fodder for future boxing sagas and slow-motion chugs around the ring.
It's the best defense against gangs, violence, and drug use by kids-and the best chance to ensure their future.
Any capital gains you made were taxed lightly-and at some possibly remote day in the future.
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