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One blown fuse can create many annoyances for car owners.
Exactly how two hydrogen nuclei could fuse at room temperature has not been elaborated.
But in turtles, the ribs grow over the shoulder blades and fuse to form the upper shell.
The lift charge also ignites the delay fuse when it fires.
Make a fuse out of a small piece of paper towel by twisting it and dipping it in ethanol.
The electric wiring is original, down to the fuse box.
Deuterium is easier to fuse than normal hydrogen, and all fusion experiments use it.
Then he yanks the fuse and heaves the stick of dynamite over the ridge.
The wipers and headlights stay on and you have to pull there fuses in the fuse box to get them to go out.
Yew trees can live so long because new shoots from the trunk fuse with it.
Ridging of the suture line can also occur when the bony plates fuse together too early.
The machine hopes to trap and squeeze hydrogen isotopes until they fuse together to form helium, releasing energy.
If all works out, tremendous amounts of energy will get released when the lasers fuse the hydrogen atoms to make helium.
Colleges across the county are engaged in a grand social experiment to fuse academic and social life.
Once the printing is complete, the structure is left for a day or two, to allow the droplets to fuse together.
As the droplets grow, they fuse and run off in straight channels to be collected at the film's edge.
Can be hardwired into fuse box so you don't have to charge the battery.
Unplug the cord, remove the fuse from the fuse box, or turn off the circuit breakers.
On the way to check his fuse box, he peeked out the window.
Two hydrogen atoms are two elements of space-time that fuse into one element of space time.
Heat is released when molecules fuse in the freezing process and the rain wall grows, collapsing the cyclone's eye next door.
The fuse is lit when the contested activity is at last allowed to proceed, despite the outstanding claim.
And while the acetylene torch can leave behind molten metal to fuse back together, the oxy-gas torch makes a clean cut.
The new nose and steel casings add weight and strength, and the fuse has been changed to delay.
The company's new ambition is to fuse fashion and information.
The bug communicates wirelessly with the standard fuse box.
They became effective exactly seven months to the day after the lighting of the fuse that was to touch.
He sits at his workbench amid a pile of electronic parts, squinting at a burnt fuse.
However, as an added precaution it is still recommended that the main switch be turned off, or the appropriate fuse removed.
But too often the ions run into the grids before they fuse.
Trip the breaker or remove the fuse of the circuit containing the switches and outlet.
They fuse in the middle line posteriorly, and so complete the posterior boundary of the vertebral foramen.
The eyelids meet and fuse, remaining closed until the end of the sixth month.
About the sixth week the two parts of the pancreas meet and fuse and a communication is established between their ducts.
Emotion and insight fuse into an image of perfection.
He makes a tiny hole at the top of the fuse, inserts a wire scavenged outdoors and wraps it at the other end of the fuse.
When placed back together the fractured bones will fuse.
Then the helium will begin to fuse into medium-weight elements.
He'd tied two sticks of powder onto the end of a pole and swum out with a lighted fuse and stuck it into a hole of the jam.
If all goes as planned, some of the hydrogen atoms should fuse, producing helium and releasing energy.
The lattices could then be heated to fuse the particles together and remove the ink solvents.
For every new aircraft they could take lessons learned and fuse it with new technology to make something so much better.
The bars stabilized her back and would cause the vertebrae to fuse together to provide stiffer support.
These fabrics may be layered in molds, aligned to ensure optimal strength, then cured to fuse and set the materials together.
Therefore, only nuclei having a high kinetic energy approach closely enough to fuse.
Deuterons are the nuclei of deuterium and are made when protons and neutrons fuse and emit photons.
When a warhead detonates, it squeezes the deuterium and tritium until they fuse together.
In reality, my fuse is of a perfectly average length, if not on the short side.
Each fuse takes the indicated time to burn after which the bomb it infuses instantly goes boom.
Under these extreme conditions atomic nuclei collide and fuse, liberating energy that could provide virtually limitless power.
After all, concede accelerating growth and the exponential fuse is lit.
The trick is to get enough atoms to fuse to make the whole process self-sustaining.
Both of them are chimeras, living things that are formed when two or more fertilised eggs fuse together.
Meanwhile, the core becomes hot and dense enough to fuse helium, a flukier fuel.
When a star runs out of fuel in its core, it can no longer stably fuse hydrogen into helium.
When they're duplicated, they temporarily fuse and cross over, providing an opportunity to exchange and shuffle their genes.
Before the planet could be totally destroyed, the star ejected its outer layers, and the core settled down to fuse helium.
The first is syncytia, in which infected cells tend to fuse together into cells with many nuclei.
The placentas of twin marmosets fuse, creating a network of vessels through which cells from one twin can travel to the other.
It's as if she were examining a fuse box, systematically checking the switches and wiring of my taste system.
Probably it would induce that much energy that some nuclei could fuse to heavier elements but nothing strange would happen.
If the fuse blows, the hybrid system will stop and the vehicle will coast to a stop.
Doctors are due to replace a disc as well as fuse a vertebra in her lower spine.
Deuterium is easier to fuse than simple hydrogen, and so is favoured in these sorts of experiments.
The reason is that the boron and hydrogen nuclei do, indeed, fuse.
Now they are starting to fuse, with unpredictable consequences.
It is an attempt to fuse a subscription model with one supported by advertising.
They then used tiny bursts of electricity to fuse together the donor material and egg.
The ideal candidate would have found a way to fuse both messages.
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