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Many of these deciduous kinds offer a bonus of edible fruit.
Some cultures use almost every part of the tree from the leaves to the water inside of the coconut fruit.
As a result, she can collect the fruit in this situation.
The leaves and stems are poisonous, but the fruit is eminently edible.
Now the team is showing abundant fruit from its labor.
There is a huge gleaming copper still occupying part of the space, where he is now producing fine fruit brandies.
Depending on how you make it, a smoothie can end up with more milk and yogurt than fruit.
During many summer days, all the fruit flies needed for experiments die from the heat.
And this trend is due, he says, to the exhaustion of the supply of low-hanging economic fruit.
They were robbed at knifepoint and had to live off fruit trees.
Imbibing the liquid of fermented fruit may have had its start in medicinal traditions.
It's not unusual for plants to produce mutant fruit that lacks seeds, but these fruits are usually the end of their line.
Warm, grilled fruit desserts make use of an already hot barbecue.
When it comes to farm robots, fruit gets all the attention.
Smoothies are a wonderful way to use lots of fruit quickly.
Pick when the papery husk is filled out with fruit and the husk begins to turn slightly brown.
Dole has diversified its sourcing of bananas, and branched out into other lines of fruit.
The birds use them to reach fruit on branches that are too small to support their weight, and also to skin their pickings.
Slow-motion video shows that fruit flies plan their escape well before you begin your attempt to swat them.
Second, the fresh fruit doesn't spend enough time in the elephant to ferment and produce alcohol there.
Periodic pruning maintains the pattern and encourages fruit production.
The fruit comes in small berries the size of a golf ball, with a peel that is easily broken.
It is sensible to look for low-hanging fruit in the early stages of concerted efforts to achieve fundamental change.
The flies were then given the same fruit but without an additive.
Raccoons also eat fruit and plants-including those grown in human gardens and farms.
Whether he sells a lot of fruit or a little, he maintains his position.
Anyone who has ever smelled a durian fruit can tell you that it smells mighty strong.
Scientists found that fruit flies possess a protein that mirrors the effect of cocaine in human beings.
Local and regional fruit and vegetable production will languish anywhere that the commodity program has influence.
When markets are rising and everyday conversations are abuzz with brokerage triumphs, reward seems but a low-hanging fruit.
The state's fruit and vegetable growers are co-operating with officials despite the losses they are likely to incur.
The only fruit proboscis monkeys will eat is unripe fruit.
Scientists pinpoint a key to sleepiness in fruit flies.
But the legend of the musk strawberry persisted among a few scientists and fruit connoisseurs.
Canning is the best way to preserve the freshness of summer fruit.
It's actually a gelatinous preparation of the cell walls of red algae, used to thicken the fruit filling.
Bring the six kinds of dried fruit and the water to a boil in a large, heavy saucepan.
If you are untenured and your courses do not attract enough students, then you can become low-hanging fruit for nonrenewal.
They do little damage to the plant itself, but they make fruit and vegetable unmarketable.
Bat bugs swarm across a cave wall near a fruit bat colony.
Fig trees only bear fruit thanks to something called a fig wasp.
Now that the holidays are over, it's time to think about bare-root fruit tree planting.
Fruit bats are important seed dispersers in tropical forests.
The study examined the effects of alcohol on the antioxidant properties of some fruit.
Imminent membership has borne unequivocal fruit in one area: an upsurge in foreign investment.
Any materials that used to be a plant can go into your compost bin, including all fruit and vegetable scraps.
Two mutations turned a tiny, wild fruit into the modern large, luscious tomato.
Oozy, mild melted cheese pairs beautifully with the sweet and tangy fruit.
Either that, or our world will come to be dominated by minds as far beyond ours as we're beyond fruit flies.
But sceptics say these crops take too long to bear fruit and their yield is unreliable.
The endangered golden-capped fruit bat lives in these forests.
Both males and females strode about the enclosure picking up fruit and mingling with their friends.
Yes, the fruit fly was revealed to have fewer genes than a previously mapped worm.
Smoothies are a delicious and easy way to boost your fruit and vegetable consumption.
Maybe the best news of all is that sabbaticals keep on bearing fruit for months and years to come.
In the wild, the banana is an inedible fruit stuffed with stony seeds.
We planted a garden and fruit trees to supplement our diet.
Attention all future space tourists: on your first day up, avoid juice and dried fruit.
Before they became domesticated crops, wild bananas were inedible fruit stuffed with stony seeds.
Thimbleberry derives its name from the shape of its fruit.
Autumn in the greenhouses arrives with the sweet scent of citrus plants in bloom, followed by the arrival of their fruit.
Researchers believe they've found a major key to aging by studying fruit fly and worm genes.
And the still life with fruit is one of the first subjects art students tackle.
Intense, tart-sweet dried fruit is excellent to have on hand for snacking, to serve with cheese and to use in cooking.
You've probably noticed, for example, that all the fruit is in one place.
The fruit supply this season will in all probability be unusually light.
If you stick to bottled water and avoid ice and raw fruit and veg, you should generally be fine for a short trip.
Holds its fruit up off the ground, avoiding fruit rot.
Scientists have figured out the genetic basis of seedless fruit.
His fruit emerged from a process that's both more sophisticated and far less controversial.
There will be no scarcity of fruit in the markets of this city this week.
And people hand-pick their fresh fruit and vegetables from hand-cart hawkers and pavement vendors.
The quality, shape, flavour and size of the raspberry fruit are all directly tied to the efficiency of the pollinators.
As an understocked purveyor of large dried fruit might say, we're out of big dates for a while.
The fruit trade, both foreign and domestic, has within a short period of years grown to be one of great importance.
The fruit is so smelly that it isn't allowed in many public places.
One fridge has holes and pattern on the door as a fruit shelf.
Mistaking them for berries, birds pluck the seeds from fruit and excrete them over a wide territory.
The fillings include vanilla or chocolate custard, fruit fillings, or sweetened cream cheese.
And then there is the story of the other fruit of her womb.
Many viburnums are grown for their flower display, a few for their showy fruit.
Today, airy cottages with lawns and fruit trees built for the workers still dominate the streets.
We also survived on fruit and berries in between kills of high protein and fat.
The fruit is absolutely delicious and makes superb jam.
The joker in the deck is a vervet monkey who also likes the fruit the staff puts out.
Our tasters preferred the smoother texture that results from peeling the fruit.
My usual dosing for a cold is lots of fruit zinger tea, a hot bath before bed, an antihistamine and an acetaminophen.
From high-fructose corn syrup, from sucrose, from fruit juices etc.
On ripening fruit, cream-colored concentric areas grow and merge over the whole fruit.
Per-fumed with gardenia, stone-fruit blossoms, and a gamut of citrus.
Dolloped with an equally simple fruit topping, it completely satisfies my craving.
We had a candidate a couple of years ago send the department a gigantic fruit and sweets basket after an interview.
Supermarket fruit and veg might last longer, but it will be more expensive.
But unless better attempts are made to integrate foreign faculty into their academic life, this effort will bear little fruit.
Carvings of chariot wheels, fruit and flowers emerge from soft marble.
They wait till she finishes eating before going into a fruit tree.
Mistaking it for a berry, a fruit-eating bird swoops down and plucks the ant's egg-filled abdomen, which is ripe for the picking.
Low hanging fruit from a guy who should have the experience and intelligence to dig deeper.
Botanically and popularly regarded as a fruit, it is typically used as a vegetable.
Scientists use light activation to pinpoint where learning happens in fruit flies.
But both urine-based fertilizers roughly quadrupled fruit production when compared to unfertilized control plants.
They were told no one wanted there fruit or crops as supermarkets wanted large suppliers.
Because they had lost the animals that ate their fruit and dispersed their seeds.
Other suggested uses ranged from fruit peeling to territorial defense.
Fed appropriately the fruit will ripen and at the appropriate time be productive.
Fruit is pretty sweet, eat fruit instead of that chocolate ice cream.
On the terrace, a few parents chatted beside an alluring spread of bagels, coffee and fruit.
The allusion is to fruit and other things falling down suddenly, unexpectedly, or accidentally.
His serious efforts are always the fruit of long delay and much labour.
Punishment is a fruit that unsuspected ripens within the flower of the pleasure which concealed it.
The history does not appear to be the fruit of much industry or research.
Second, choose vine-ripened fruit, which doesn't sit around as long.
The fruit of nutmeg trees typically ripen early in the day, possibly to take advantage of the toucan's early morning activity.
Meanwhile, the world's biggest digital hothouse teems with exotic fruit.
He even tries to steer clear of too much fruit because it contains a lot of sugar.
That's what agents did in order to use the poisoned fruit of these secret searches, according to the report.
Maybe this fruit could be a small as a blueberry and as tasty as bubblegum.
Yet substantial changes are quietly taking place, a few of which have already borne fruit.
Their research also suggests that the habit of eating fruit at the end of a meal is a healthy one.
It's not acupressure, fruit flies, or goggles of any sort.
McDonald's sells healthy fast food, such as fruit and walnut salad, as well as the usual slabs of meat and cheese in a bun.
Rio's boosters point to new investment in textiles, fruit, a new deepwater port and a resurgent steel and shipbuilding industry.
Each monkey was given two sorts of task, and rewarded with fruit juice for performing them.
But those on a serious mission will keep walking ahead-and the first thing they come to is the fresh fruit and vegetables section.
Better storage and transport facilities would also allow farmers to profit from growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.
Campaigns to improve pay, housing and other support for serving soldiers have borne some fruit.
Then the cattle, fruit and people using the river multiplied.
In the meantime, all this diplomatic activity is bearing some fruit.
Three-toed sloths live mostly in the trees, munching on leaves and fruit.
He said fruit juices and liquid honey in a temperate climate would easily ferment, allowing for the production of alcohol.
White flowers spring to life on top of the arms, and later a red fruit will grow.
These have included flints, animal bones, and remnants of fruit and cereal grains.
Plastic bags holding rice, chilies, and fruit dangle from branches.
At night they eat leaves, shoots, and fruit from the trees and get almost all of their water from juicy plants.
Most of their diet consists of fruit and leaves gathered from rain forest trees.
They eat a fruit-heavy diet, but also consume leaves and some insects.
The primates eat fruit, leaves, and insects and rarely descend to the ground.
Each fruit contains one or more carpels, hollow chambers that protect and nourish the seeds.
Other native fruits are guava and guanabana, a tart, pulpy fruit.
The flavor is full of apple fruit, soft acidity, and some bread tones.
Dinner even comes with two parents, vegetables and a side of fruit.
Have a well-balanced breakfast each day with some fiber, protein and a fruit or veggie.
The cafeteria here serves fresh fruit and veggies, low-fat or no-fat milk, no sodas or fried foods and no gooey desserts.
To serve, cut the watermelon cake into wedges and serve with a few spoons of fruit and a drizzle of raspberry sauce.
Enzymes in their digestive system break down the flesh of the fruit before the animals expel the bean.
As the industry moved away from cider-making and toward table fruit, some of these apples were named, propagated by cloning.
Show giraffe trying in vain to reach a piece of fruit high on a tree branch.
The monkey clambers up on top of giraffe's head and picks the fruit, but then eats it himself.
The fruit is also rich in micronutrients that scientists find impossible to duplicate or synthesize for pharmaceutical use.
Evidently, he prizes fruit: there is now a national holiday commemorating local melons.
They are fruit of the previous year's reporting by the editors, and they inevitably reflect our emphases and biases.
And similar effects have been shown in lower organisms from yeast to fruit flies.
The low-hanging fruit is conservation, not new generation.
If he thought that citrus fruit would do him good, he would suck one lemon after another.
He asked me what my favorite flower was, my favorite fruit, even my favorite cut of steak.
Howe says the pressure from privacy advocates is bearing fruit.
Other jobs, such as fruit picking, would probably be automated.
In the centre was a flagged space, with a stone well and a tree bearing some strange fruit.
They decide whether to fruit or not, drop acorns or not, present themselves to you or not.
One way to liven up a winter salad is with seasonal fruit.
But the field is burgeoning, and a lot is going on, some of which will bear fruit.
Early diagnosis and a fruit of modern medicine keeps a killer at bay.
When they're done, he whips up a fruit smoothie in the blender.
By the time the last fruit-bearing adult palm tree was cut, palms had long since ceased to be of economic significance.
It's the pattern of oranges when stacked on a fruit stand.
The same is true for circadian rhythms in fruit flies.
When insects bore into a pepper, fungi have a chance to get through the tough outer skin and inside the fruit.
Bats live in many environments and are adapted to eating many different kinds of food, from moths to fruit to cow blood.
So too much fruit juice is almost as bad as too much soda.
Such efforts are to be commended whether they bear immediate fruit or not.
There are a range of options: ice cream, custard or sweetened whipped cream folded together with fresh fruit.
Add mixed-fruit highlights of strawberry blonde and plum.
The hormone-free, cage-free chicken is marinated in fruit juices and herbs before starring in myriad dishes.
The fast-food giant is also reaping the rewards of fruit smoothies, sales of which are outpacing expectations.
Mix up your daily choices with this month's featured fruit or vegetable.
Go easy on fruits canned or frozen in heavy syrups and sweetened fruit juices.
The fruit is unripe when the jelly is white and is spoiled when the jelly is brown.
Unfortunately, this test of ripeness may only be determined once the fruit is opened.
The goal of a fruit is to spread its seed, so it needs to rot in order to get the seeds out of the fruit.
There are actually hormones, especially ethylene oxide that promote fruit ripening.
There's been some debate whether fruit juice should count among your daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables.
These dishes are punctuated with palate-refreshing shots of homemade fruit vinegars.
Spoon it on the side, add some sliced fruit for texture contrast, and you're all set.
Late heavy rains kept the bees from pollinating our fruit trees.
The vicinity is still agrarian, and breakfast eggs and fruit will have been delivered that morning by a local farmer.
If you've got fruit, nuts or sugar-free gum within easy reach, that doughnut will seem far less alluring.
Solar panels help keep the houses warm, shared backyards bring neighbors together, and natural drainage irrigates fruit trees.
Dessert is a bowl of fruit accompanied with hot sweet, milky tea.
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