Frugal in a sentence

Example sentences for Frugal

When individuals try it, they are considered frugal or maximizing their dollar.
Of course, none of this precludes the possibility that our frugal ways will endure even after the economy starts to recover.
Somewhere out there is an ambitious but frugal high-school graduate who wants to avoid a traditional college path.
We are both frugal so there have not been any arguments about money.
And while you're driving around in your old vehicle be frugal with the gas and brakes.
They are not interested in what the frugal or poor buyer wants.
So texting there is considered frugal, which helps conserve the carrier's bandwidth.
He's good at his office job with a hardware company, frugal, responsible.
Mildred endures the type of suffering which is endured by the well-bred, frugal, plucky spinster.
Gradually he retreated from society to a solitary, frugal life in bedsitters.
Once here, in the early days, the wives had little besides frugal homemaking to occupy the endless hours they spent alone.
How frugal is the chariot that bears the human soul.
He took his frugal meal only in the evening before complin.
Frugal education attainable under the existing collegiate system.
One by one luxuries disappeared from the table and few were ashamed of their frugal repasts.
To sit around and pick apart what is frugal and who is extreme enough has its place, but that's a distraction.
That's three cents per word, about one-tenth of what a writer would get from a frugal magazine or newspaper.
They are also growing richer and are less frugal than their high-saving parents.
Economists argue that the best way to encourage people to be more frugal would be to price water properly.
His own life was frugal, revolving principally around work.
Several newspaper articles have also pointed out that price increases alone might not be sufficient to encourage more frugal use.
Fortunately, there are several frugal tips and tricks that you can use to get discounts and savings throughout your vacation.
Employees shall make prudent and frugal use of state funds, equipment, buildings and supplies.
Stylish clothes--a frugal husband's one indulgence--set off her good looks.
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