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Now a frigid chill is sweeping the expert-network industry.
How the frigid economic climate is creating a certain human warmth on our campuses.
The waters off the coast vary from frigid to temperate to tropical.
These hibernacula are not as well protected from frigid weather and may freeze, along with their inhabitants.
Here are some photos of frosty lettuce, the morning after a frigid night.
The spacecraft is also equipped with a camera to survey the landing site and a weather station to study the frigid climate.
The ability to survive and thrive in frigid water is impressive, but insects must survive much colder temperatures on land.
These colorful, shell-less creatures can be found from frigid seas to warm tropical waters.
They had survived for so long, under harsh environmental conditions, which included long frigid periods.
The temperatures dipped below freezing and the frigid winds were gusting.
Reserve early for these popular ice hotels that provide heartwarming comforts in frigid climes.
It is unscientific of you to suggest the bulk of that frigid continent is threatened with warming.
The dynamics of deep-sea spills, where hot oil shoots out into frigid water at extraordinary depth and pressure, are different.
Panic and confusion were the order of the day as the doomed installation buckled into the frigid waters.
For the first time these sluggish, nearly blind creatures are photographed in their frigid habitat.
There are fewer frost days, fewer frigid extremes, and more warm nights.
Style shouldn't suffer because it's frigid outdoors.
Even in the frigid darkness of the deep ocean it seems there may be weather and seasons of a sort.
As you mention, early polar explorers prepared themselves for subzero temperatures by taking frigid showers.
The door opens letting in almost blinding light and a frigid blast of air.
The action takes place on a single winter evening in rooms as frigid as the surrounding snow.
The ducks' densely packed feathers trap enough air to insulate them from frigid waters.
It doesn't seem to be the beautiful, frigid head of the clinic.
Motioning for me to follow, the grizzled commander trudged out of his compound into the frigid night.
Nudibranchs crawl through the world's oceans, from frigid seas to warm tropical waters.
Reserve early for these popular ice hotels that provide heart-warming comforts in frigid climes.
Even a snow mobile was unable to get across the frigid and rugged terrain.
Winter can be frigid in these parts but adds a whole new dimension to the alpine experience.
The frigid weather outside was not helping the cause.
But because of frigid temperatures it was relatively empty.
Several tour organizations travel to the frigid land commonly populated by penguins, seals and whales.
Rain is common, and snow comes along with frigid temperatures as well.
Even after loading, pets may sit in sweltering or frigid conditions until the airplane takes off and the climate control kicks in.
More sea ice means colder winters, because frigid winds blowing over ice pick up little heat from the warmer waters below.
Signs of confusion and sadness punctuated the frigid day.
The return of the sun also means the return of warmth to this frigid land, although that concept is relative.
During the late summer melt season, the camp lies abandoned and fills with frigid water.
They bob up and down, their ivory tusks gnawing frigid water.
Windbreaks to keep animals safe from frigid conditions.
Applause broke out as word came from the machine's control room that the resonators had reached their frigid working temperature.
As the steam from the smoke stacks rapidly rose into the frigid air, the moisture condensed, producing clouds.
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