Forging in a sentence

Example sentences for Forging

And some researchers are already forging ahead in search of effective treatments for the difficult-to-diagnose condition.
One blogger said that groups are now more important than individuals in forging new technology trends and ideas.
Taking such steps is dependent on university leaders' forging strong local and national networks.
In professions that do not require professional degrees, the forging of college diplomas is rampant.
How successful libertarians will be in forging alliances or winning converts remains to be seen.
True vision requires the forging of a farsighted and realistic connection between our present and our future.
One response lies in forging or joining formal business networks with local technology companies.
They've closed the door on any critical review and are forging ahead with all sorts of draconian policies based on it.
Our species is set apart by a progressive history of forging tools that have primarily amplified our muscle power.
The administration is also forging ahead with less visible aspects of the new laws.
Last year the government's strategic defence review spoke of boosting police firepower and forging links with other services.
As globalisation accelerates, this is forging a new vision of what it is to be a successful multinational company.
So they frequently stick together, striking deals among themselves and forging ever closer ideological links.
But they may do better at forging relationships outside the family as a result of that.
Nevertheless, prosecutors insisted on forging ahead.
Set and bolt roll dies into self-positioning slots on roll shafts of forging rolls.
Sporting shotguns are choke-bored arms which makes them ideal for hammer forging.
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