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For efficiency, compact fluorescent lamps are an admirable replacement for regular light bulbs.
He then places the seedlings under fluorescent lights upstairs in what he calls his pumpkin room.
As the mouse thinks, the fluorescent proteins spread out along neural pathways.
And even basic incandescent lights are inefficient compared with halogen or fluorescent lights.
Luminescent and fluorescent bulbs might be more virtuous, but they shone more dully, and poets loved them less.
Here the coral is bathed in fluorescent light, which accounts for the glowing, blue fringes.
These elegant tangles of fluorescent actin bundles won the popular vote for the best microscopic photo of the year.
There are other less-than-glowing reviews of fluorescent bulbs.
The researchers attached another fluorescent protein to the spider genes to make the silk itself glow green.
No more, though: the drab fluorescent tube has been rehabilitated.
They do not need fluorescent labels and will probably not require amplification, either.
Use fluorescent lights in fixtures that stay on more than two hours per day.
Before compact fluorescent light bulbs and ethanol, the first line of defense against global warming was planting trees.
Compact fluorescent lamps should not be used where they will be on only briefly, such as in closets.
In this case, to prove the point, the gene they introduced was for green fluorescent protein-a molecule derived from jellyfish.
Above, a marine fireworm sparkles with fluorescent mucus.
The cell membranes changed from green fluorescent to a faint red glow, which indicates damage.
The two-bulb system uses high-performance compact fluorescent lamps.
Tungsten is yellow, flash is blue, and fluorescent varies.
The payback on investing in a compact fluorescent bulb, therefore, is less than a year.
Ultraviolet light turns the membranes of magnified lipids fluorescent green.
The team used the tiny units to transport a fluorescent marker gene to dopamine neurons in the brains of mice.
It replaced confusing radioactive labels with laser-activated fluorescent dyes, making sequencing faster and much more precise.
As you sit down in your tiny, messy cube, fluorescent lights buzz overhead.
The marker chemical is composed of a fluorescent dye and an antibody that sticks to specific targets.
They used colored fluorescent tags to identify the groups in question in embryos, allowing the correct cells to be harvested.
After fluorescent dye is injected into the tissue, the scope's laser sends photons to illuminate the neurons.
Sales of energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights are the fastest-growing segment of the market.
The layers are an improbable red that can vary from a fluorescent pink to a dark ruddy mahogany.
They are electronic discharges that make the air above glow a luminous red, similar to how fluorescent bulbs burn.
Scientists are not entirely clear on the role of the fluorescent pigments.
Researchers aren't quite sure if there is a reason why scorpions are fluorescent.
Try one of those bobbing-head dogs that people put on their car dashboards in fluorescent pink.
Switch to low-energy, compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Replace the incandescent lights in your house with compact fluorescent bulbs.
The tiny particles also contained a few thousand fluorescent dye molecules.
Patients lying on gurneys do not see jarring fluorescent lights, but pretty curved ceilings with soft lighting.
Fluorescent bulbs vibrate, adding a medically forensic, anemic brightness.
The researchers injected two different fluorescent dyes into a cylindrical mixer filled with glycerine.
To do this, the researchers coaxed three fluorescent molecules into the mitochondria of living human skin cells.
Replace your incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.
The superheated meteor atoms and molecules then glow in a process that is similar to a fluorescent bulb.
Plastic manufacturers, find some way to make your product essential in a compact fluorescent bulb.
Naturally fluorescent algal cells can be seen as red dots in this salamander embryo.
The dyes in question are fluorescent-having absorbed the light, they re-radiate it.
Increasing taxes on energy would increase the money saved by switching to fluorescent.
The white and yellow sine waves in the sculpture are actually fluorescent lights.
Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which provide the same amount of light while using less energy.
Compact fluorescent lights are four times as efficient as today's incandescent bulbs and last ten to twenty times as long.
Stein even emulated the take-out setup: yellow fluorescent light, stool-and-counter layout, concrete floors resembling a sidewalk.
He's in a rehearsal studio-a grayish, minimal, anonymous space with fluorescent track lighting.
At times even the highest end pro models struggle, especially with fluorescent lighting.
So it is no small feat to create an inexpensive fluorescent microscope, an instrument often used by medical researchers.
The researchers gave the insects genes for a red, a green, and a blue fluorescent protein.
The fluorescent lighting flickers as he hunches over a desk to click on a computer file.
The microscope is designed to detect fluorescent light, which is often used in biological research to mark different cells.
The technique involves measuring the change in fluorescent emissions that occurs when glucose binds to certain molecules.
The bovine cells were genetically altered to express a fluorescent marker, making them easily detectable.
Plus, they work more efficiently in indoor light, because the dye absorbs diffuse sunlight and fluorescent lighting well.
Green fluorescent protein labels are used to track cancer cells.
Some think that fluorescent light bulbs, recycling, and hybrid cars are the answer.
Various rare earths are now used for computer screens and energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs.
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