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Three fluent speakers, two of them native, worked on this.
By the way, you don't need to learn a language in elementary school to be a fluent speaker.
And fluent in the other's language, they are good friends to boot.
Walruses are clumsy on land but swim with fluent grace.
Comparing a string of sequels is part of being intellectually fluent in the dynamics of play.
Becoming fluent in a language is certainly an ongoing process, and the training was a solid foundation to build upon.
For their own benefit, all who choose to live here need to be fluent.
From first to last, this amusing pretension has garnished his public oratory, and the responses of fluent sycophants.
Beloved friend, noted journalist and historian and fluent in four languages.
Her dancers are talented and her choreography is fluent.
His own letters show that he was quite as fluent with the pen as he was said to be in conversation.
Easily slips this little book into the fluent literature of the hour.
And that fluent mix made for a bright, inventive and warm evening in the theater.
It takes an observant, sympathetic reporter to discover the singularities and a fluent stylist to convey them.
She also translated books and was fluent in five languages.
It's delicious on sandwiches and melts to a fluent glaze.
If they are placed in a language immersion situation where everyone is speaking the language they will become fluent.
If you are fluent in a foreign language that is taught on your campus, seek an experience as a language instructor.
Unfortunately, these informants tend to be better-educated than their fellows, and are often fluent in more than one language.
Savvy, satirical and fluent in pop culture, this voice also uses self-deprecation to inoculate against criticism.
The other, for the more fluent, would focus on literature and language history.
They are, so far as the research has shown to this point, limited to fluent bilinguals who use both languages frequently.
Daley is an unreconstructed old-school pol: rarely glimpsed without a suit jacket, fluent in the ancient political rituals.
By last winter he was fluent enough to make the trip.
Needless to say, some of the set pieces are fluent to the point of frictionless.
We rarely had a fluent language in common, but through a patchwork of different languages, we'd manage.
And when you're not fluent in a language, you can hide behind your ignorance.
Imagine teachers who are fluent in concepts such as theory and hypothesis, and comfortable in discussing how science gets done.
There is a tremendous amount of work in becoming fluent at speaking another language.
She didn't know much about journalism, but she was fluent in the vernacular of style and design.
In other words, the style is rapid, fluent and monotonous.
Its facile fluent ease marks the versifier who could write two hundred lines standing on one foot.
The first six lines were too fluent, the distinct couplet at the close was too epigrammatic.
The language that ordinary human beings speak, especially those of us who are not fluent in mathematics, is metaphor.
Most people who stutter are fluent when singing, reading aloud to themselves, or talking to their pets.
Learning a new language by immersing yourself totally in its instruction is an excellent way to become fluent in it.
When you respect the customs of the country you visit, your business dealings will be more fluent.
Traveling in a foreign country can always be a bit disorienting, particularly if you don't have a fluent grasp of the language.
In order to be able to devote attention to the meaning of sentences and paragraphs, learners have to be fluent readers.
Students are exposed to a variety of genres and styles to develop literacy thoroughly and to create fluent, lifelong readers.
He's a lively, fluent writer with a sharp sense of tone and pace.
They are far more fluent in the language of emotional trauma and intent on not repeating their parents' mistakes.
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