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If chinch bugs are present, they'll float to the surface.
Then open the hatch and try not to panic during that long float to the surface.
The fish then float at the surface of the water, making them easy to catch and sell.
If it is liquid, anything that it melts and which will not produce an alloy will simply float to the surface and ride on top.
Bubbles float to the sea surface, seeming to escape from the concrete sculpture.
Additionally, its ice surface is thought to float atop a subterranean ocean of water or some other viscous substance.
As rain or melting snow fill river, ice at the surface cracks and breaks up into chunks that float downstream.
They float in the water near the surface, not deep enough to use the water column as a natural protection.
There is no extrapolation from the first reported position to where the float actually reached the surface.
Float tubes offer fishermen a way to move quietly across the water in search of their catch.
If they've not come prepared a few times, their mates will get tired of letting them float by.
Many of the firms they want to float have high levels of leverage, and their owners will need to use the proceeds to reduce it.
Paper lanterns bought for celebrations can float up to a mile high.
Nothing makes people happier than an ice cream float bar on a hot day.
Both types operate automatically by means of a float switch resembling a toilet's float ball.
Perhaps not surprisingly, these people often float to positions of power.
The bathyscaphe is made of two main components: a crew cabin and a float.
For example: water has a higher density and the ice cubes formed from it have a lower density and float on water.
He lets the bikers and the crowd float on parallel planes in a murky light.
Float cut flowers in a bowl of water to make a choice indoor display.
If the float arm has an adjustment screw on the end opposite the ball, tighten it.
And the board says that only vets may float horses' teeth.
People on orbiting spacecraft float in microgravity.
These jellyfish raise algae inside their belly, giving them a food source that they take along as they float through the oceans.
On the net is a plastic funnel, attached to a specimen cup, and a float.
The majority of the park can only be accessed by float plane, boat, or foot.
Yes, that is maybe a little-known fact about pumpkins: they float.
We wore white organdy dresses and waved regally from the queen's frothy float.
Ten-mile float trips offer chances for wildlife-viewing and photography.
He unilaterally abrogated the treaty, closed the gold window, and soon thereafter let the dollar float.
So when you float off into a reverie, you're actually doing important data-storage work.
Soft-edged shapes float on luminous grounds in sequences of pattern and palette that in theory never repeat.
The currency could float freely only if capital controls were substantially lifted.
The plates float on top of rock and magma that is below them.
When the flood comes the building will simply float up and not drift away.
As our canoes float into the rocky shoal, the lilies seem to engulf us, the giant pale flowers reaching to our chins.
Here are some other places around the country where you can rent a tube, kick back and watch an afternoon float by.
The economic slowdown has led to calls to float the exchange rate.
If they want a truly fair system then let the yuan float.
What is clear to me is that letting the renminbi float freely is risky.
While the event is free, do not let your chance float away.
The terms of exchange float freely-and, best of all, the traders do not need bailing out.
Well, solid state is what the power supply will be to tap the energy out of the aether to make it float and propel.
Remember, a major tenet of free trade is that currencies need to be free to float in value against other currencies.
The friction between rising vapor and falling droplets allows clouds to float.
The only feasible exit now, says a consultant, would be to sell or float the entire bank.
Remember, boats are usually designed to float on top of the water-not to sink below it.
They store the air in their stomachs, which allows them to float motionless in the water, seeking prey.
In fact, it is increased gas in the stool that make it less dense and allow it to float.
Fertilized eggs develop into larva, which float off to start a new colony.
Float oil on breeding water when and where it will work but use care.
We could have cars that float a few feet off the ground, do not even need roads.
Each day slabs of ice more than a half mile high calve off its face, float down the fjord, and eventually drift out to sea.
In the evening, choose from among a dozen float camps operated by the national forest.
The second component is a magnet attached to a float that moves up and down freely with the waves.
The swarms of the polished deprecating and reflectors and the polite float off and leave no remembrance.
Morning: smells of serious cooking float in the street.
Instead, they float free, and all the details seem wrong.
We watched the lettuce, cheese, and rye bread slathered with butter float off.
Ghost: to float among offices while awaiting a permanent position.
Let me float that the encampments are fundamentally about using government power against itself.
Thus embraced, the tablet seems to float above your desk.
Turn off your mind and float downstream into the heart of darkness.
These nano-sized sensors would float around the bloodstream until they ran into some toxic chemical or disease-causing germ.
Turn on your mind, relax and float upstream into the superheroic pantheon.
Or you can toss the seeds to the wind and let them float far away.
The pump consists of a float connected to a long pipe which hangs below it in the water.
Liquid water is a universal solvent that allows chemicals to freely float, make contact each other and produce reactions.
Consciousness doesn't float free of its physical instantiation and somehow escape causality in determining our choices.
Some of those rogue atoms float into a nearby gas cloud and stick to fine grains of dust there.
Allow them to free float, but kick them into one another.
His hands dart and float in the air as if manipulated by an inebriated puppeteer.
Grease or fat particles may float on top of the water.
It's as amazing as if he really was able to float in the air.
Here on this rock, water becomes less dense as it becomes a solid, thus enabling ice to float.
Here, you can float on the dense water with no effort because of the high salt content.
But, only about six inches of water can float a car.
Float down the lazy river through manmade caves and waterfalls.
Oil containment barriers float around the grounded cruise ship.
Her float coat is always about her when she's taking a dip.
After all, there had not been an approved float trip down the river in more than seven decades.
Discard any of the beans that float, and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
Yet soon the crowd along the edges began to float into softer focus on translucent planes of color.
As an expression of confidence in the future, members will vote on a plan to float the exchange itself later this year.
Controlling where data are stored and how they are treated is harder, though, because information can float freely in the cloud.
Thirteen emerging markets now target inflation, allowing the exchange rate to float more cleanly.
Yet many firms will not let company data float around in a public cloud where they could end up in the wrong hands.
Strange noises float from the church: an exorcism, apparently.
When he introduces you, instead of being nervous, you float.
Loads of living things swim, float, and splash around in a small scoop.
Because of their thick blubber, right whales also float accommodatingly after they have been killed.
Drift-boat float fishing, wade fishing, and mountain-lake fishing are available for every ability.
They could try to float their wagons and possessions down the river on rafts through dangerous rapids.
Float along with us through your kitchen, closet, and daily routine to figure out your water footprint.
The gear seemed to float from the landing site under a procession of brown blankets and turbans.
At one stroke, amid much audience perturbation, he unmoored the taboos and let them float flamboyantly close to the mainstream.
The chemical causes oil to break apart and drop to mid-depths, where it's free to float where the currents carry it.
And there, seeming to float in the middle of his head, was a nail.
If the thing you try to float is too heavy, it cannot push away enough water to be the same as how much it weighs.

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