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One way to think of this group is to imagine the economy as a fleet of pick-up trucks.
The mutiny of a flagship almost surely signals change for the fleet.
And the agency is not confident to order a fleet of these yet.
Imagine trying to get this big fleet into position in enough time to suck the life out of a storm.
The country should begin transforming the transportation fleet to alternative fuels.
If you're thinking about running the campus fleet on biofuel, you might think twice.
One was that the whaling fleet was so far to the west.
The first field test of a fleet of electric vehicles powered by fuel cells.
The college is switching to hybrid vehicles for its fleet and is installing photovoltaic panels on buildings.
It takes a wrangler's spirit, fleet feet, and no small share of technical expertise to grab data from a raging tornado.
As fleet operators buy more hybrid trucks, their prices will come down, he notes.
Before then, he explains, cadets had to serve two years in the active fleet to earn their commissions.
For example, it outfitted its whole fleet with rounded winglets.
There are a host of legal reasons why the taxi fleet as a whole can't make that switch, sadly.
The fleet itself is fairly inexpensive to operate, and for years has been a source of cheap electricity.
And before dawn they are off again to complete their journey in another aircraft or in one of a fleet of waiting trucks.
When it comes to locomotion, elephants are not exactly fleet of foot.
There are two essential ways to increase the fuel efficiency of a nation's fleet of automobiles while also reducing emissions.
Meet the generally gentle giant that is surprisingly fleet of foot.
The company touted the green credentials of the new terminal and its fleet.
We need to reduce fishing pressure and fleet sizes and have broader protections for habitats and ecosystems.
The fleet renovation is part of the company's commitment to the protection of the environment.
Inhale, bring your knees back to neutral with the soles of your fleet on the floor.
Perhaps they're expected to double their fleet and use half on only the flooded crops.
Mount your fleet steeds, they are sleek-in good order.
Buying a battery-powered vehicle is a tough decision for a fleet manager to make.
And there is capital out there to help them make the transition to a more efficient fleet, if the trucks are available.
The many cars that had been left by their owners were simply dragged away by a fleet of tow-trucks.
For now, the benefits of a plug-in and all-electric vehicle fleet reside largely in the realm of theory.
The catch is that right now only fleet-operating companies that have natural-gas depots will be able to fuel it.
The commission dispatched a sharp-sighted fleet-footed mole.
He refrained from sending a full-scale fleet of warships.
Outside a tiny terminal, a fleet of four-wheel-drive taxis waited to ferry tourists down a newly constructed asphalt road to town.
Cheetahs use their speed to outrun their prey, which includes such fleet-footed creatures as gazelles and wildebeests.
Paleontologists believe the first dinosaur was a small-bodied, lightly built, fleet-footed predator.
As cargoes grow, so does the world's shipping fleet.
The fleet fuel economy requirement has always been an idiotic concept.
Southwest is considering adding bigger jets to its fleet.
Professional vehicle fleet management includes many diverse tasks and responsibilities.
Establishing a permanent fleet does not change the emissions requirements.
Fleet maintenance is all about returning apparatus to service in a timely manner.
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