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Example sentences for Finder

If it turns out to be scientifically important, the center will register it, and the fossil's finder retains ownership.
In this age of innovation, even more important than being an effective problem solver, is being a problem finder.
If your house keys are lost, you certainly don't want the finder to know where you live.
Science is a fact finder, not a platform for developing a new government.
Instead of paying a licensing fee they simply infringed and the finder of fact has determined they did so willingly.
Then it should be returned to the finder to do with as they please.
The provost's role in those determinations often became that of gatekeeper and fact-finder.
Also a little about the effectiveness of drugs, finder nail lifting and body orifice stretching.
First, unlike some corporate internal inquiries, this one is and will remain an independent finder of facts.
We've got a great new recipe finder, which will get even better.
Let's stat with finder it should list folder first then files.
He develops an avocation as a finder of lost persons for the poor and deserving.
He credited the autopilot and radio direction finder for making the record-setting flight possible.
E ach uses a laser range-finder to measure the distance between obstacles.
So you are forced to go back to a specialized space telescope, and that puts you back into the terrestrial planet finder category.
The planet finder missions are crazy successful and so deserve funding as well.
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