Fervent in a sentence

Example sentences for Fervent

These moments can cause irrational acts or imprint fervent memories on a wanton brain.
The show went on, and the wrenching absence of its honoree made it all the more fervent a celebration.
The visitors themselves aren't really visitors but devotees, meditative and fervent.
The characters' outsized actions seem quite natural when those characters are fervent, gun-toting gangster kids.
Observers describe fervent, and occasionally anguished, self-examination on the part of those who fail to weep.
She's become a fixture on news programmes and fervent advocate of green investment.
So fervent is the tabloid interest that the two stars, who should be promoting their movie, are on another continent.
Indians are engaged in a fervent debate over whether corruption is an unavoidable lubricant in the country's rush to prosperity.
The combination of fervent populaces and unchecked leaders gave rise to the law of the mob, writ frighteningly large.
Additionally, the fervent support of national leaders raised the status of drug courts.
It is our fervent wish that you will master these non-medical workers compensation concepts.
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