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Photos that are uploaded later are scanned for physical features and can be tagged and stored.
Manufacturers are focused on the hardware features and specs, but that's not what consumers care about.
The latest movie news and special features on actors, directors and movie studios.
The delay is caused by the extra security features built into the new driving licence.
The faces were masculinised and feminised versions of the same features.
Apple isn't a company that adds features which aren't universally supported.
Local tastes and needs, as well as the state, are endowing it with distinctive features.
Once the fundamental features were uncovered, the decorating began.
Of course, design features are always a matter of subjective perception.
The shed features a recycled door and windows that let in plenty of light.
It's a good idea to have a few sample features held in reserve.
His patio features exotic furnishings, flamboyant plants, and the colors of a lush lagoon.
Others thought that the problems were simply features of the new digital world, and that they had to learn to live with them.
Instead this show features work that shocks, delights and may sadden viewers.
Along with green roofs, the pods are among the buildings' many sustainable features.
The site's search and sharing features make it an interesting place to explore even if you don't use it for storage.
The picture that emerges from all this is that a combination of features allowed sauropods to grow large.
Also features extensive exhibits on the history of the treatment of mental illness.
He used this information to fill out the features of the fossils.
The northern side's mountainous terrain is rich in lush vegetation, while the southern area is flat and features sandy beaches.
His appearance cast a spell of its own: pale, even features, dramatic cheekbones and an unruly mane of reddish-gold hair.
These features of the dream-work may be called archaic.
Style as conditioned by inherent features of the language.
The political and journalistic situation made the administration organ one of the characteristic features of the period.
It has, moreover, features that distinguish it from the other published works.
But there are some features that distinguish it as a literary production, which must be mentioned.
The phonetic groundwork of a language, however, is only one of the features that give its literature a certain direction.
In this consists the chief advantage of biography, as in painting, a portraiture draws its life from the strength of the features.
Interns who prove themselves as reporters and writers are often asked to write full-length features.
The idea is to make it easier for colleges to get specific features without waiting for major upgrades.
First are a few simple features-such as watermarks and security threads-that are relatively easy for the general public to spot.
Their view of its defining features: an intense daily yearning and preoccupation with the deceased.
He has also written features on subjects ranging from sports-talk radio to backcountry skiing.
Instead of focusing on how people interact with technology, those companies focus on features and specifications.
Ponds and other water features can be lovely-but they can be stinking, murky eyesores.
Emotional contagion is based on interpreting the emotional state of another being expressed through their physical features.
Again, it doesn't really matter how many green features are present.
We're hoping that certain features of string theory are confirmable.
Fall features four meteor showers for your evening enjoyment.
The lack of craters is because there are few old features on the moon.
For example, distorted images revealed shallow moats encircling previously detected volcanic features called coronae.
By influencing wind patterns, the shape of underlying, older ice controlled where and how the features grew.
Every year, more features are discerned from seismic evidence.
In this closeup view, younger terrain on the left is yellower, while older features appear blue.
It gives you a better shot at the features you want in each.
The bakery also features a lunchroom with a glorious garden out back.
The two liveliest features of those early days couldn't have been more different.
His mind was on his work, but his face looked drawn, and his features-it seemed to me- were dissolving into the air.
In fairness, the bill's many positive features should be recognized.
If only internal features are relevant, other children had an equal claim.
Different features of a fairy tale may be centrally important to different readers.
Some of the familiar fifteenth-century features recur.
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