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Encouraging faux fur over real fur helps us become a better and kinder nation.
The trains are flooded with illegal faux guides, who.
The gathering was decidedly odd-two faux newscasters had organised a semi-faux rally.
In polite society, flatulence is often a social faux pas-especially when issued deliberately.
Many in the audience chuckled at the automated faux pas and shook their heads.
For instance, sensors in toilets throughout his faux community can be programmed to mimic human behavior.
The main difference is in the cover, which opts for colored cloth instead of faux leather.
The shaky board caved to the pressure and simply folded under the faux pressure.
But he and some of his colleagues-clearly fearful of committing a legal faux pas-often seemed evasive.
Yes, that weed popping up out of her faux turf carpet is a real dandelion, deliberately planted.
He formed faux solar panels on the head and put it all together in his workshop.
In his famous water faucet pins, pearls serve as faux drops of water.
Replying to those you do not know personally is no faux pas, whether or not they are extremely well known.
And you are issued a faux leopard pelt to keep warm.
It seems no more of a fashion faux pas than leg warmers.
As a friend mentioned the other day, it was a faux economy.
The hood lets you mix it up with removable faux fur trim.
Soft, cozy faux fur chenille lining made for barefoot wear, cushioned insole.
Fully lined in soft, plush faux fur, with a backless clog design and cushioned insole.
Perhaps these knowledgeable immigrants can obtain a visa from another country where there is true rather than faux equality.
The faux fur lined hood and handwarmer pockets will keep you toasty warm as you head out to meet friends for coffee.
Heat-treating these proteins is the first step in turning cow milk into faux human milk.
Please don't exert any faux concern on my behalf, it took me no time at all to research or write that post.
There are many reasons that these faux beaches are successful.
More dithering and faux diplomacy will only result in a deeper hole.
Friends built two faux castle turrets over the bunker's escape hatches.
Among writers, it's a faux pas to ask if a work of fiction is true, and it's also the first question that non-writers ask.
The show exudes far too much hysteria over faux dilemmas.
They stuck stylized cube farms into faux warehouses and figured that would work.
Take a moment to look through the mail on the faux faux-marble table.
It's a faux-jaunty, watered-down typeface, a corporation's idea of informal joviality.
Perhaps, but no more so than recently released anti-aging creams that feature placenta and faux snake-venom.
With longer life spans, an aging population and the increasing demand for prosthetics, the hunt is on for more durable faux bones.
One is a faux-marble scene complete with farm animals.
For now, getting them on the faux meat bandwagon is too big a leap.
Physicists launch rocket to create the first faux.
Two things, together with its decision to speed up debt repayment, should help it to make up for the faux pas.
In fact that is what allows all the woo-faux medicine.
But what gets me to the vomitorium is that faux romance between you and that cheesy ballroom-dancing partner of yours.
But then she straightens up in her chair and gives a blank, faux-happy smile, as if beaming mindlessly for the camera.
His impish humor and tone-deaf faux pas supply plenty of material that could be spun into gold with the proper editing software.
They slapped on a double-height entry with a kind of faux-tent top.
One had a built-in safe hidden behind a faux drawer.
Now its social arbiter had committed an unfortunate and perhaps irrevocable faux pas.
The design faux pas continued with an included wired keyboard, optical mouse, and stereo speakers that feel equally breakable.
Remove the banyan trees perched on the faux rock water feature.
The coats were sold in pink, red, blue and vanilla with a faux fur cape and in charcoal and vanilla with a faux fur trimmed cape.
The faux amber necklace and earring set features a large faux amber gem cut in a heart or cross shape.
Faux agrees that the city moves too slowly and that the city must change.
While real water will attract real birds, faux water attracts faux birds.
Faux stated that the applicant would have to sit down with staff to nail down the use and determine if it is permitted.
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