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He was watching the smoke curl slowly upward from the funnel of a tramp steamer that had.
Still, you have the chance to funnel life-changing knowledge to rich students.
Corn dogs, funnel cake-burst seams are made of these.
Remove the bottle cap and place the neck of the funnel into the mouth of the bottle.
Feed meat into funnel and grind, stopping to clear the grinder if necessary.
Then he opened up the funnel so the pitch could leak out.
It's a new take on a peacoat with an extended funnel neck.
Filling the top of the funnel equated to more at the bottom.
Which brings us to managing that serendipity funnel.
In a tornado, a swirling funnel of air stretches from the storm cloud to the ground.
The tip of the funnel was opened and students waited for the first drip.
Blossoms may be funnel shaped or have segments splayed outward or reflexed.
Here the gaseous funnel formed by the liquid jet inside is still intact.
They locate hidden prey with the help of large facial disks that funnel sound to their ears.
To one side rose a mountain of salt with a tiny-looking funnel on top, pouring on fresh salt.
Press the funnel of this aerosol against clothing to blast smoke and sweat odors away.
The air smells of cotton candy, pulled pork, and funnel cakes.
The scientists say it uses the same water over and over again as the water gets back into its funnel for re-use.
Tagged goods must then funnel through a few scanners so that the computers can do their accounting.
Funnel narrow enough to fit securely into your bottles.
First, the capsules don't fit right unless your funnel basket is perfectly round.
It's other countries tendency to funnel taxpayer's money into losers.
Most other species use a special body part called a funnel to move about.
Use a funnel to channel the oil into the container to avoid spills.
Funnel spider venom leads to trembling, increased blood pressure, and vomiting.
Students should use clues in this paragraph to understand that a tornado is a spinning funnel of wind.
Patented zipper-bib will funnel interior water away from the body.
Outfit a sausage machine or a hand grinder with a sausage funnel.
We would have had to funnel every piece of content through that mechanism.
The levels quickly funnel the player from one shooting section to the next.
Cool, then use a funnel to pour oil into a clean bottle or other container.
Customs officer tried to funnel me into a tedious line.
Suddenly the cloud spit out a tornado funnel into the empty farmland.
The house has sloped roofs and no down spouts, and a big, wide driveway ready to funnel all that roof runoff right to the street.
On the net is a plastic funnel, attached to a specimen cup, and a float.
Because what we're doing-using the architecture as a wind funnel-is uncharted territory.
Mine has a funnel-shaped fold with a hole in it instead of a smooth connection.
Another effort to cap the leak, by using what amounted to a hundred-ton steel funnel, flopped as well.
Society wants to identify intelligent people early on so that it can funnel them into careers that maximize their talents.
From its neck protruded a flexible funnel, which opened into an internal cavity containing pairs of gills.
It stops molting and growing, which would funnel away energy from the parasite.
They funnel billions away from the needy to buy their palaces and fancy clothes.
Then, as you get up close to the funnel, the winds are insane.
The filter is connected to electrical wiring to provide a voltage as water is poured through the funnel.
Singly would allow you to funnel over your data that already exists in your social networks and purchase histories.
The upper-left of the image shows a number of funnel-shaped depressions lined up parallel to the slope inclination.
Another spinning double-spiral was found to be formed below the funnel bottom propagating down into the drain hole.
The other end is attached to a water source, maybe a funnel to be kept full with a bucket.
Within the flask, the oil gradually rose into the neck of the flask and was skimmed off with a small funnel.
To make an oil-collecting caisson, such a pile would be used as a collar around a funnel-topped tube that would sit over the leak.
Downturns also funnel people into different jobs from those they might otherwise have entered.
The ethanol projects are a scam to funnel money to agribusinesses.
As you can see in the graphic above, it consists of a large cylinder with a funnel and a smaller measuring tube inside of it.
At this time you might see the funnel pointing down from the cloud toward the ring.
The flowers, funnel-shaped when they open in the morning, flatten as the day progresses and are dropped the following day.
On the new divided highways that funnel people into the unplanned city, oxcarts were heading the wrong way in the fast lane.
Every one knows that the story in a musical picture such as this is usually no more than a funnel through which to pour the songs.
Line up for barbecue and grilled fare from national entries along with funnel cake, roasted corn and other festival eats.
The way the liquidity injection is structured, it is up to the retail credit unions to funnel money into the corporates.
Business groups funnel contributions to candidates who will let businesses trample on the rights of workers and consumers.
Cold air funnel clouds almost never touch down, but on rare occasions they do.
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