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The pine trees framing the entrance to the forest appear to be normal.
Forest-inspired style is one of the season's hottest trends for objects large and small.
The outer membrane is photosynthetic, and large groups of the plants grow in the sunny clearings left by forest fires.
Anna lives in a large empty house, venturing out in the spring to paint exquisitely detailed forest scenes.
With all the ups and down in the energy business, it is sometimes difficult to see the forest through the trees.
But this seems akin to studying ways to protect a forest after loggers have been allowed to cut down the trees.
Once again it appears that sometimes, trying to suppress large forest fires might be creating unintended negative consequences.
When a forest is on fire, trees release gaseous methane.
In a deciduous forest in autumn, leaves are going to fall.
In my favorite children's books, there was always a dark forest filled with unfamiliar shadows and strange inhabitants.
Cold winters and forest fires normally keep the beetle populations in check.
Protecting remaining old-growth forest is important for many reasons.
Email me an example with a wicked witch, an evil gnome, or a bawdy satyr hiding in that tiny forest.
The company and government said the residents were living illegally in a forest.
Often they can see the forest in ways that professors cannot.
One point to be noted is how each country defines what a forest is.
But the agents withdrew after a sweep of the nearby forest turned up a lone suspect.
The whole rainforest-water vapor system is called a biotic pump, because the living forest matter is what's moving the water.
Glue a radio transmitter onto the back of a bat, track its movements, and find out if a forest is healthy.
But his favorite aspect of the home is the dense forest that surrounds it.
But they have a chance of working only if the countries in which they operate define forest land rights clearly.
Fires have also contributed substantially to forest loss.
Additionally, tractors and skidders used to remove the hardwoods destroy the forest floor and promote additional logging.
Apply a different set of zoning laws to forest owners.
Beach forest and mangroves along the coasts give way to lowland rain forest and open forest as you move into higher elevations.
Specifically, stream fish prey on forest invertebrates when the aquatic food supply is at its lowest, during the summer.
With more people living nearby, forest managers there have historically contained and prevented fires.
Finally, it seems, something is stirring in the forest.
Cactus-dominated desert scrub, dry forest, and gallery forest make up this dry tropical forest mosaic.
Even this falls away, though, once you have more than enough skill and ammo to handle anything in the forest.
Ecosystem services are what a forest provides merely by existing.
But scattered among human settlements are pockets of a rich, lowland forest that once grew widely in this region.
It's that an important component of the forest is gone.
Access to the interior rain forest and forest people is limited.
Instead, the expansion of the vine is probably due to other forest disturbances.
Due to this isolation many endemic species and dry forest specialists occur here.
Researchers have confirmed a long-suspected link between logging and the devastation of forest fires in tropical rain forests.
These people need space to live in, fuel and food, which puts further pressure on the forest.
People aren't meant to live in museums, though, perhaps particularly pygmies more used to the forest.
The nuts that rained down each fall fed nearly all the inhabitants of the forest.
Your house doesn't have to sit in a forest to be vulnerable to wildfire.
It's housed in what appears at first to be an enormous junkyard surrounded by a forest.
It would be built mostly on coastal scrubland, not forest.
Strolling through an equatorial rain forest or a northern pine forest can be thrilling enough, if only for the lavish scenery.
Get one whiff of oakmoss extract and you never forget it: a deep, raspy, dark smell that conjures up a primeval forest.
When confronted with the forest of chains, the bats tended to reduce or increase the sounds they emitted by a few kilohertz.
Many millions have been spent acquiring the sort of forest that might be suitable for the bird-if it were to be found.
Tropical forest deforestation could be almost entirely stopped by buying out the logging permits.
The rare photo was only captured after multiple treks into the dense forest.
In the canyons between ridgelines the forest is mostly pine and eucalyptus, both introduced species.
Acid rain destroyed fish populations in lakes and streams, harmed fragile soils and damaged millions of acres of forest worldwide.
They get some game from the forest, and more fish from the river.
One day she wanted to go into the forest and fetch some food.
Your students have probably heard stories or fairy tales about the forest, and they may have spent time in the woods.
From deep in the rain forest comes a low, booming sound.
The temperate forest biome is found in areas with four seasons per year, including a distinct winter.
What is known is that the forest clearing that has already gone on is decreasing forest rainfall.
The same problem haunts the main forest-related certification scheme, for timber.
But as it lingered on my tongue, the faint taste of wet forest floor came through-not my favorite flavor in the world.
Glowing leaves of sun-soaked lettuce are a beautiful contrast to the brooding forest colors in the glen.
At the beginning of their reproductive cycle, males call for females from perches on the tropical forest floor.
The mangrove forest provides a barrier, so that none of the polluted water from the fish farm returns to the ocean.
There is a rain forest of ideas around electricity and related technologies.
The template dictates how thickly the forest of wires will grow, and the diameter of each wire.
Trails in the forest are typically narrow, so people must progress in single file.
It is a forest of many avenues that reach in many directions.
Gentle forest-cloaked hills rim the town, creating a natural basin that practically invites fog to settle in and stay awhile.
Governments everywhere are at a loss regarding the best policy for regulating the dwindling forest reserves of the world.
The sky is always an intangible, faded blue, and the forest surrounding the clearing is dark green.
They have mistaken their little retreat in the forest, for the forest itself.
To a lesser extent, they also come from natural processes such as volcanoes and forest fires.
For centuries, the rain forest was inhabited only by indigenous tribes.
The movie is a kind of realistic fairy tale set in a forest newly enchanted by the sanctified work of staying alive.
In a windswept, snow-dusted forest clearing, three siblings bury their eight-month-old brother.
The volumes were cream-colored, with forest-green spines stamped in gold.
But you get a different feeling when you walk into the forest that abuts one side of the house.
Ah, that would explain how that snowman in the forest acquired a human head.
He knows everything, urinates in the forest, and can build a wind-powered generator out of found materials.
Now a deadly kin of the virus is spreading out of the forest and into villages.
Dozens of plumes from forest and peat bog fires can be seen scattered everywhere.
Creating the science and technology needed to sustain and enhance southern forest ecosystems and the benefits they provide.
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