Explanatory in a sentence

Example sentences for Explanatory

The first two columns are self-explanatory but the third is less so.
Bear in mind that the word interactive at that time still needed an explanatory footnote.
And yet it must be said that privilege does have enormous explanatory power.
But first, let's apply a clean explanatory schema or three to the print revolution to see how each one fits.
Bear with me for some illustrations, from this excellent explanatory site.
It's the kind of sad statistic that is self-explanatory.
But both the arboreal and the cursorial scenarios have explanatory gaps.
In lieu of the actual article, you were far more explanatory.
We shall interrupt a little in order to open up an explanatory digression.
Good design should make an explorable thing largely self explanatory.
Intelligence can't reverse a lot of things, but it can make up explanatory stories.
Gratified, because the idea of inclusive fitness has enormous explanatory power, even for human behaviour.
It's a much fuzzier idea than equality, which has more explanatory value but is also more dangerous in political discourse.
His description of my work is beneath refutation: every single citation is ripped from its explanatory context.
It is not a bad word, not undescriptive, but it has no explanatory power.
Servers are prompt, friendly and knowledgeable, though the little paper two-sided menu is pretty self-explanatory.
Science is about two things: testability and explanatory power.
The explanatory element is crystal clear without skimping on detail.
He has instead an attachment to tradition and its explanatory value.
Yet the explanatory power of biology has its limits.
The formulae predict more and more of what is seen, and our confidence in their explanatory and predictive power grows.
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