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Example sentences for Expected

Over the past year investment has risen faster than anyone expected.
Researchers had expected to find the sub filled with dense sediment because the wreckage was buried in it, she said.
Approval expected for genetically modified salmon.
There's no need to stick to the expected succulents when planting a living wall.
The move to shake up the top ranks of the two big media companies is expected to be announced as soon as this week.
Developing countries have come out of the recession stronger than anyone had expected.
With space for lounging and for the children to play, the garden has provided more enjoyment than the couple ever expected.
With nominal interest rates unable to go any lower, we're effectively talking about a steady rise in expected real interest rates.
Cell proliferation is, of course, normal and expected at some times and places.
The defendants are expected to appeal, and they remain free pending further proceedings.
Dedication to undergraduate teaching and evidence of potential in research and publication are expected.
The political situation is expected to remain broadly stable, but there will be widespread disaffection with the weak parliament.
Mice infected with the treated extract, the team found, exhibited fewer of the expected symptoms.
We poured the pasteurized vinegar into aging crocks and expected nothing but quiet mellowing.
Be generous with your expected return time and always stick with the plan.
If you manufacture unmanned spy planes, you might have expected more money out of the defense budget request unveiled today.
The first is the expected current-account balance for this year.
Caffeine would be expected to have this effect on any animals that used these neurotransmitters to regulate their heartbeat.
The full court usually endorses the judgments of advocates general, and is expected to do so in this case.
Retail sales in the euro area are slightly better than expected too.
These ancestral creatures were stranger than anyone ever expected.
With the economy expected to get worse before it gets better, many students will struggle more than ever to pay for college.
In a year's time, however, the single currency is expected to be worth roughly the same as it is now.
The skull was even stranger: short and tall with the nose further back than would be expected.
However, the economy is not expected to fall into recession this year, as growth will rebound in the second half.
Although in many cases the financial results were poor, some large companies performed better than expected.
Sociology has strong research, graduate and undergraduate programs, and contributions to each is expected.
In my program, the expected gift was a bound copy of the dissertation.
As expected, the wide, green swimming hole is deserted.
But the solar gale now heading our way isn't expected to be particularly harmful.
But they are intriguing because they're occurring in a zone in which earthquake activity is not expected.
People have consistently lived longer than the actuaries have expected.
No one expected that to change with today's figures.
The first is that the overseas demand for exports will not recover as much as had previously been expected.
But the tens of thousands of premature deaths predicted by some-and expected by many of those exposed-have failed to materialise.
Spending at home has held up rather better than might have been expected, as well.
Scholarship and professional development are expected.
Also, some public universities may find that their state appropriations are reduced or increase at a slower-than-expected pace.
Faculty are expected to have a fully rounded range of interests.
The successful candidate is expected to teach organic and general chemistry.
Participation in curriculum development, outreach programs, and performance of university service are expected.
College teaching experience is desirable and a commitment to excellence in teaching and student mentoring is expected.
Supervision of students in internships and undergraduate research may also be expected in some positions.
The candidate will be expected to develop an independent and ongoing research program.
Most progress against air pollution has been cheaper than expected.
Kan clearly felt that he was expected to resign, as did his predecessors before him.
Others think that greedy financiers expected to be bailed out, or worse, simply didn't care.
Yet as bad as this looks, it's actually better than might have been expected.
And despite the injuries, which can be expected at any large gathering, police say the event was mostly peaceful.
Today's panic was triggered by the surprising discovery of higher defaults on subprime mortgages than anybody expected.
In the fingertip experiment, however, the friction increased less than expected.
Neither party expected for the war the magnitude or the duration which it has already attained.
Much has been given us, and much will rightfully be expected from us.
He who makes himself a servant is expected to remain a servant.
Originality, even from the point of view of his own days, is not to be expected from him.
Under these conditions, originality in plot could scarcely be expected.
The continued absence of her husband seemed to prove that his return was no longer to be expected.
In examining the cave, he was rejoiced to find much more riches than he had expected.
He could not say that he had been mistaken in his choice, for she had fulfilled all that he had expected.
Success could not be expected at once, but it is something to have honestly, earnestly tried.
We may testify that it is a reaction to the perception of external danger, viz, harm that is expected and foreseen.
There is a much larger infusion of provincialisms than might have been expected.
The prestige of the restaurants that lined the roads they traveled are proof of the quality they expected.
The universe appears to be clumpier than astronomers expected, according to the largest galaxy survey to date.
Thanks, as expected but good to finally see the results.
But demand is expected to grow as more sources of renewable energy come on line.
His partner tried to unlock the phone but failed, which is what was expected.
Sales of electric vehicles, however, have been slower than expected.
Netbooks are expected to appear first, then tablets and phones.
The study throws up both expected and unexpected results.
If the cost of new batteries decreases significantly over that time, as expected, it will be harder for used batteries to compete.
He estimates that demand for solar at current prices is around double the expected production capacity this year.
Employment growth is expected to be much faster than the average, and job prospects should be excellent.
Employment is expected to grow much faster than average.
The indirect method, which is used for areas with smaller population, results in expected number of cancer cases adjusted for age.
The treating source is neither asked nor expected to decide whether the claimant is disabled.
Imagine that you're expected to track every job that has been created or lost this month.
But the category killers' reign turned out to be more fragile than expected.
Everyone the author met, it seemed, expected her to have fun.
Bush's successor, who has launched no disastrous wars and looted no healthy budgets, might have expected gentler treatment.
The reading is expected to take about forty-eight hours.
In an election year, politicians can't be expected to acknowledge their powerlessness.
He expected a house-to-house brawl that would last several days.
When people expected acoustic, he gave them electric.
All in all, it seems that he was expected to bring the gifts of a psychologist to the task of a prophet.
Everyone is aware of the storm, but the storm reaches the team faster than they expected.
Majors called me earlier than expected for our interview.
So well attended is the fĂȘte expected to be that she's allegedly booked an entire hotel nearby for overflow.
For all their money, footballers are expected to mirror the dream lives of the fans.
It seems the planet's atmosphere is expanding as it travels away from the sun, rather than contracting as expected.
Students who expected to hear it again consistently found it more irritating.
These creatures live more than five times longer than would be expected for their size.
Until recently, astronomers fully expected to see gravity slowing down the expansion of the cosmos.
If electricity demand was expected to rise, the companies built more supply.
It appears to be more to do with the expected flow of information.
The other four did show changes, but not the way one might have expected.
Under perfect conditions in space, the free-floating cubes would be expected to exactly copy each other's motions exactly.
While many of these commitments were expected, the pathway to agreement was a surprise.
In adolescence, he discovers the life of the mind and develops into a more serious adult than one might have expected.
Early-modern scholars were polymaths who were expected to know about more or less everything.
At technology conferences and university symposia, a standard list of expected social effects emerged.
To be sure, he made a number of blunders, as was to be expected.
Worldwide demand for electricity is expected to increase five to ten times by the middle of this century.
At the same time, there are other signs that climate change is continuing as expected.
Gradually, however, she began to have a vague sense that the expected changes weren't happening in her.
Used to be a college graduate was something special and it was expected that any who made it would be significantly above average.
Researchers tallied up the number of actually influential papers from each city and compared that with the expected figure.
Also, at the same time, it's expected that a vast amount of gas will fall to the center of the new galaxy.
They expected to see isolated flares of activity in simple language-processing regions.
The astronomers expected to find the gas spread uniformly.
Seriously, sometimes history matches fiction a lot more than we'd have expected, or wished.
State authorities originally expected the fire to burn for about two weeks, but it endured for two and a half years.
It's a skill-set they use frequently and they are expected to be able to do it.
Yet there are far fewer questions to answer now than anyone expected.
What you see on the x-axis are ages of individuals, and on the y-axis the expected years of life at that age.
He couldn't call the next play, as the middle linebacker is expected to do.
As expected, he found that if one identical twin has autism, the other usually does too.
They expected they'd find that you were missing the receptors for acids, nipping the pain message in the bud.
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