Espalier in a sentence

Example sentences for Espalier

Can be sheared as a low hedge, grown as a pot plant for indoor use, or trained against a fence or espalier.
To train the espalier, the branches are tied to horizontal wires strung through eye hooks.
Pyracantha is beautiful as an espalier, bringing lush greenery and seasonal color to a blank wall or fence.
AN espalier is a plant whose branches are trained to an orderly and ornamental two-dimensional form.
She has tried espalier, the art of training trees and plants to grow in designs on a flat plane.
The technique of pruning plants flat against a wall is known as espalier.
It makes a beautiful espalier or free standing shrub.
The fence can be used as a growing surface for vines or espalier.
Espalier or topiary: geometrical plant forms achieved through pruning.
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