Escrow in a sentence

Example sentences for Escrow

The two sides eventually agreed to establish an escrow account that could be used to repay investors if the case was settled.
They urged university donors to place their gifts in escrow until the perceived bias could be corrected.
But the two sides have not bridged the gap on the escrow cutoff.
The board might approve the purchase if the writer deposited money in an escrow account to protect the building.
It insisted that the pipeline revenues be paid into an offshore escrow account.
Best way to individualize risk penalties is to mandate driver's escrow account for damages to other cars, drivers etc.
Borrowers will also be required to establish an escrow account for real-estate taxes.
One potential remedy: put bonuses into a pool held in escrow for several years.
It will require that borrowers have escrow accounts to pay taxes and insurance.
Otherwise, they are betting the escrow funding will ensure a more certain closing though this may be two months away.
We got a check in the mail for an alleged overpayment from escrow.
Escrow agent and escrow officer licensing frequently asked questions.
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