Epistemology in a sentence

Example sentences for Epistemology

The goal of the games is to focus players on epistemology.
This might serve as the motto for all of Emerson's epistemology.
And in the end, the disagreements that give rise to these debates are typically grounded about questions of epistemology.
The epistemology of science is based on falsification, not proof.
This is the subject of epistemology, a branch of philosophy.
Anderson's epistemology is as insufficient as his model.
It's pretty clear that mainstream econ is still floundering because of weaknesses in epistemology.
As an avid reader not foolish enough to have majored in the humanities, I'm all for enthusiasm and epistemology.
Too bad post-linguistic turn historians no longer have an epistemology or metaphysic that allows them to make such bold claims.
The exclusive, empiricism-centred perspective on epistemology.
He pierced through the sham of philosophical logic as a replacement for devalued epistemology.
His epistemology often intertwined description and explanation.
And there is an epistemology based entirely on that method.
Look how difficult it has been to argue about scientific epistemology on the basis of even that fundamental aspect of process.
However, it is not the only view: the rejection of the distinction can be thought of as a naturalized epistemology.
Science has a pretty good definition- it implies a certain epistemology that has become well established over the years.
What defines science and distinguishes it from other human activities is its epistemology.
First, the paper presents the need for specialized educational technology leadership epistemology.
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