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Example sentences for Epidemiology

While I must stress that this is mere conjecture, such an explanation fits well with current theories of plague epidemiology.
He has made a special study of epidemiology and vital statistics.
She eventually hopes to earn a doctorate in epidemiology.
He is making a special study of the multiplication of viruses and the epidemiology of influenza.
The epidemiology data show actually that major depression is less common in older people than in others.
His research lies at the borders between economics, epidemiology and psychology.
She teaches epidemiology and health policy.
Molecular epidemiology is a new field of science that studies such risk factors and looks for ways to prevent them.
The epidemiology suggests a steady increase in prevalence over time, not sudden increases at times of changes to the schedule.
Before anyone understood anything of epidemiology, its language was applied to species of information.
Field was a veterinarian who, having practiced privately for years, had decided to pursue a doctorate in veterinary epidemiology.
But the study still underscores an important finding of epidemiology.
Epidemiology cannot answer this question because its methods are not aware of physical laws.
Germ theory, which secularized infectious disease, had a side effect: it sacralized epidemiology.
Must be qualified to teach epidemiology and research design methods, as well as additional courses within the existing curriculum.
Even when epidemiology is not manipulated to serve special interests, it tells the truth of an aggregate.
The evidence is not murky for those of us who have studied biology, epidemiology, and biostatistics.
Social epidemiology is the study of how health affects the world on a social level.
He worried, too, that he wasn't learning enough epidemiology.
Thirty years on, a new science of epidemiology is at hand.
The reality is that the journals have frequently failed to uphold rigorous statistical methodology, particularly in epidemiology.
Apparently it also makes one an expert in immunology, medicine, epidemiology and public health.
Some focus is on epidemiology but much of it is animal experimentation.
More industrial epidemiology of this kind could improve worker health protections, many of which are extremely outdated.
The papers systematically misrepresent the epidemiology, immunology, and toxicology.
Epidemiology is the branch of public health that works to understand the causes and effects of disease in communities.
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