Envelop in a sentence

Example sentences for Envelop

In fact, you'll wonder if you didn't get the thick envelop by mistake.
Sundews envelop their victims in an embrace of sticky tentacles.
Such a slab can envelop entire slopes as it hurtles downward, crushing all that lies in its path.
In fact depending on how thick the envelop it could silence the noise as well.
Meningitis is the inflammation of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord.
Envelop yourself in sumptuous hand-painted silk scarves whose bold geometric patterns evoke the marble floors of st.
The problems that envelop this country are far too many for the likes of a simple switch democracy to fix.
There's a walk-in humidor and wine room beneath that circular staircase, designed to envelop a pneumatic elevator.
Thick clouds of tear gas envelop an anti-government protester.
They should highlight, rather than envelop the meat, and they should be part of the cooking process.
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