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Retailers will feel the usual seasonal pinch, and will have to labor harder to entice cash from the customers.
Travel providers are reacting with sales meant to entice wary travelers into a Vegas vacation.
One of the most ostentatiously adorned creatures on Earth, the peacock uses its brilliant plumage to entice females.
Caribbean islands, of course, promote their best features to entice travelers.
Anyone who's walked into a mall has been enticed by the smell of cinnamon buns or chocolate chip cookies.
Retailers often use mail-in rebates to entice shoppers.
In order to entice people to travel to Hawaii, hotels have lowered room rates and are offering free nights.
This year, many airlines are offering great deals to entice Americans to cross the big pond.
The theater district is lined with finds guaranteed to entice last-minute shoppers.
The extraordinary attention may entice visitors into making my mistake.
No subsidy was necessary to entice us to park the tillage tools.
The concept was to entice people to a more sustainable living locus of activities without a high price for the use of cars.
Songbirds sing to entice mates, and the timing of those songs is often regulated by sunlight.
The home prices of many non-distressed borrowers probably can't be cut enough to entice more buyers to enter the market.
According to island rumor, the trick was to entice ships into seeming safe harbors.
They may not match it, but they may be able to do something that would entice you to stay.
But those run-of-the-mill things will never entice her--She scorns all those sensible, everyday names.
Have students discuss what a ruler might do to attract people to his kingdom and what might entice them to stay there.
Other companies try to entice travelers with everything from early-bird discounts to last-minute bargains.
Eye-popping photos and bold, colorful graphics nab kids' attention and entice them to read.
The goal is for the image to set the mood, to entice the reader into savoring the story.
He stashes his food up a tree so it doesn't entice the bears.
If the particles don't come close enough to one another, they won't entice one another to cough up photons.
Alternatively, it might actually benefit them to entice wasps into laying into the shield eggs.
While on the road, he allows his players two free movies in their hotel rooms, to entice them to stay in before games.
Every design professional has an opening pitch designed to both entice and intimidate the client.
And more games entice players to become creative partners in world building, letting them mod its overall look and feel.
But critics panned the device, and it failed to entice many customers.
How the bugs entice their prey and survive their attacks, however, wasn't known until now.
If simulator battles don't entice you, try touring an active duty warship and discovering how the crew lives.
Sampling their rich-flavored wines will to entice you to come back.
Hotels often provide extra amenities to entice potential guests to their facilities.
Numerous duty-free shops exist to entice the avid shopper as well.
It was used for gladiatorial games, grand productions and any form of entertainment that might entice a crowd.
Nearly all the casinos and retail venues have free attractions to entice visitors to their location.
These phony brokers generally promise low rates or instant approvals to entice you to apply.
To sweeten the pill, some governments have for years run schemes to entice exiles back.
Whether that will be enough to entice those countries to prefer rainforests to ranches is another matter.
So let them go, he says, and try to entice them back later.
Cutting the journey time for the train may entice people away from planes but not from coaches and probably not from cars.
If the goal is to entice consumers to spend, then the optimal strategy would be to lower the price.
Brilliant ideas and charismatic leaders entice, so go ahead and follow someone who inspires you.
The object was to entice channel catfish to the surface.
Some teams that are facing the prospect of blackouts haven't even lowered their ticket prices to entice fans.
But that's not enough to entice civil servants to bring their relatives here.
But that's not enough to entice civil servants to bring their families here.
Outfitters tried to entice prospectors into their stores to purchase the supplies necessary for the stampede north.
Through poetry, a teacher may find a way to entice children in wondrous ways not before realized.
It's truly rewarding to entice kids to want to learn more about chemistry.
These enhancements will entice new and existing businesses to grow here, creating new quality jobs.
Biologists also used a tape recording of an active tern colony to entice the terns back to the island.
While sitting motionless with its mouth open wide, the turtle will wiggle the lure and entice unwary fish to investigate.
Our presentation is structured to inform and entice virtual and future park visitors with a non-technical approach to geology.
Stores entice shoppers throughout the year by establishing a sale for lots of different reasons and seasons.
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