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His sailors, meanwhile, feared that their ships would become irretrievably entangled in the stuff.
Avoid buying property or becoming emotionally entangled with other academics.
Ethics are widely discussed and deeply entangled in nearly every course taught in the humanities and social sciences.
Besides, the government is already hopelessly entangled in the energy market.
The head of the laboratory is a secular humanist, and the two become entangled.
In a further complication, the corpse is still entangled in the fishing net that captured it.
Once entangled in netting or its supporting ropes, marine mammals face high risk of drowning.
Marine debris is a serious hazard to aquatic life that can ingest it or become entangled in it.
Every few minutes the boat grinds to a halt as the prop becomes entangled in water plants.
Once caught and reeled in, these stories get entangled in a net of milestone memories.
Sharks can also become accidentally entangled in commercial fishing nets, even when they're not the intended target.
He teaches fishermen how to release hooked and entangled turtles and gives them new fish hooks that are less harmful to turtles.
If so many fish are entangled near the surface, many more must be caught below.
The life jackets were entangled in hundreds of feet of anchor rope and chain.
The process of teleportation involves making a measurement on each one an entangled pair of particles.
Commercial switches have various problems that make them unsuitable for rerouting entangled photons.
Entangled photons can dramatically reduce the feature sizes possible with lithography.
Seems to me that the entire energy situation is entangled in smoke screens and mirrors.
He suggests sending entangled particles to the sites to be synchronized.
Make a measurement on one member of an entangled pair, and the other changes immediately.
Moreover, in what he did write his keenest ideas remain entangled in a dense network of antiquarian erudition.
The aesthetic function is always inextricably entangled with social and cultural habits.
Atoms and electrons are not the only particles that can get entangled.
Aggregate supply and demand are hopelessly entangled, a problem that many economists haven't fully recognised.
The debate has also become entangled with that about globalisation.
Birds, fish and other animals often die after becoming entangled in it or mistakenly eating it.
It is not only in commercial relations that boundaries have become entangled.
As many philosophers have pointed out before, one should not get entangled in words.
His feet, bound as they are, become entangled in the ladder.
It is composed of different kinds of trees and shrubs mixed up and entangled as in a wild state of nature.
When a branch was placed on its face, the vibracula became entangled, and they made violent efforts to free themselves.
If they were, that meant that the ytterbium ions were also entangled.
Unrelated issues have become entangled for both sides.
It may dissipate into the universe but remain somehow entangled in some kind of functional unit, maybe indefinitely.
When it collapses its web over its prey, the insect is simply hopelessly entangled.
The reason is that the inorganic and organic universe of information and complexity are completely entangled.
Consciousness is entangled right with the rest of the information.
Two particles in an entangled state can exhibit nonlocal properties.
Finally the horse becomes entangled in the barbed wire that studs the battleground.
Researcher envisions beaming entangled photons into space.
Extracting entangled electrons from superconductors could help to create quantum-computing networks.
By separating the entangled pair, the scientists successfully transported information about the state of one photon to the other.
He dreams of bouncing entangled light off of satellites in orbit.
Action at a distance occurs when pairs of quantum particles interact in such a way that they become entangled.
Ants on the bottom of a raft create a solid textured surface with their hairy entangled bodies, trapping a thin layer of air.
As the photons encounter these atoms, they become entangled with them.
From entangled particles to telepathic entangled minds doesn't seem such an astonishing leap.
The trouble begins when he finds himself entangled in a fight over water rights.
If a balloon or another toy becomes entangled in an overhead power line, don't attempt to retrieve it.
The properties of the entangled ions are linked, such that a measurement of one ion would reveal the state of the other.
Please let us know if you see injured, entangled or dead marine mammals in the water or on the beach.
The pup had been entangled through a hole in the web, not in a single mesh.
As a result, birds become accidentally hooked or entangled.
Breaking an entangled line does not resolve the situation.
Many marine animals die because they become entangled in carelessly discarded monofilament line.
Yet because the two electrons' subsystems are entangled in a tractable way, their quantum coherence can be reconstructed.
Riders can be seriously injured or killed if their long, loose hair or clothing becomes entangled on the rotating axle.
About one-fifth of these children become entangled in nationally organized crime networks and are trafficked nationally.
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