Egalitarian in a sentence

Example sentences for Egalitarian

My natural tendency is to think of kids as more or less egalitarian up to a certain age.
Initially America was a much more egalitarian place, a republic founded against the notion of royalty.
The narrative is respectful and egalitarian, with the clear intent of valuing no one people over another.
You can accuse me of elitism, if you like, and adopt whatever egalitarian pose you like.
Some professors are very hierarchal, others try to be more egalitarian.
By contrast, just about any company can launch a Web site, making for a much more egalitarian rally.
For retailers old and new, the Web makes the process of finding and ordering books more egalitarian.
These supposedly egalitarian societies lived outside the law but didn't cling to their turf in the face of concerted pressure.
What seems to be missing is the egalitarian element.
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