Effigy in a sentence

Example sentences for Effigy

After his death, she solicited donations of mannequins on a radio show so an effigy could be fashioned.
Walk along the footpath and experience the mystery and power of this effigy.
The highlight will occur at dusk with the destruction of the effigy.
At the end of the week, a 40-foot wooden effigy is set aflame—the burning man.
His relations gave a funeral banquet and solemnly burnt the effigy.
He remembers that only a month ago, after a humiliating defeat, fans now loud in their praises hanged him in effigy.
In some places an effigy representing a witch used to be burnt in the bonfire.
The party moved on to watch the main event of the festival: the burning of an effigy shaped like a man.
Celia is moved to torch a small effigy of her father.
Many of these illegal traders operated in the fur-rich region near the effigy mounds.
The effigy is either a taxidermic mount of a vulture or a commercially available artificial likeness.
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