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Is this simply an extreme form of academic eccentricity.
Hare developed an eye for human psychology and a taste for human eccentricity.
At the same time, it probably cemented his reputation for eccentricity.
Eccentricity is not only tolerated, it is a way of life.
In the annals of inventing, ingenuity and eccentricity often seem to go hand in hand.
But ours is a tradition of eccentricity and earthly pleasures and a healthy disrespect for the powers that be.
Eccentricity was the order of the day, and the newcomer fitted in perfectly.
It's a comedy that confuses humor with confusion, wit with noise and eccentricity with absurdity.
Eccentricity is not only tolerated here, it seems, but expected.
On the one hand, they have been archetypes of eccentricity.
If you want to understand academic eccentricity, the best people to consider are the older, tenured college professors.
Eccentricity is the amount an orbit's path differs from a perfect circle.
His undoubted eccentricity was partly a matter of personal style.
It is an important country, in other words, even if the eccentricity of its leaders prompt some to discount what happens there.
In those books genius is intertwined with flamboyant eccentricity and iconoclasm.
Being shunned, in turn, may reinforce eccentricity and other abnormal behavior.
No doubt there was a strain of eccentricity in the family.
They have an adherence to eccentricity that often borders on shtick.
There is no affectation of learning, no eccentricity of vocabulary.
Simply to think differently from other people is eccentricity.
The difference between eccentricity and originality in historical studies is often difficult to detect at first encounter.
To this is added cutting of a high degree of eccentricity.
They came in many forms and with varying degrees of eccentricity.
Everything about him, every comical eccentricity and quirky flaw, hinted at a psychopath in sheep's clothing.
Widely regarded as a comic genius, she also had a reputation for extreme eccentricity.
It wouldn't take much eccentricity to greatly vary the amount of heat energy reaching the dusk area.
Crucial to his success was a penchant for eccentricity and risk, both professionally and personally.
It's not a case of some arbitrary number chosen on permissible size, location, eccentricity or whatever.
Others have verged more on the edge of eccentricity.
Modern media did not invent greed, eccentricity or lust for attention.
Recommendations for installation practices that minimize eccentricity and therefore preserve capacity are also provided.
These examples also show that eccentricity and precession do affect other aspects of climate.

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