Ebullient in a sentence

Example sentences for Ebullient

Talking about their hopelessness darkens his otherwise ebullient demeanor.
They were ebullient yesterday because customer orders totaled $12 billion.
She was ebullient; nothing threw her for a loop.
The summer of 1800 was an ebullient time in James's life.
He was no longer an ebullient, energetic adolescent.
We arrived in Moscow in an ebullient mood.
Both towns have been over-shadowed in recent years by the relative success of bigger, more ebullient neighbours.
Ma's ebullient personality came through to a remarkable degree.
He seemed ebullient to have survived the night.
It was a sunny, ebullient morning.
It's a cycle of repression vs ebullient extravagance.
The contrast between the sallow, whispering prisoners and their ebullient captors could scarcely be more striking.
Their grief comes with an ebullient disco beat, electronic zingers and choruses that can be shouted from the dance floor.
Once ebullient traders become paranoid, realizing how little they know about their trading partners.
When investors are ebullient, their expectations of outsized capital gains can feed on themselves and back on the economy.
While this created pockets of prosperity and some enthusiasm, it could not replace the ebullient optimism of the preceding decade.
One thing folks enjoyed about the ebullient promoter was his refusal to be intimidated by the syndicate.
His ebullient personality and creativity made him a well-known and much-loved figure.
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